Thursday, August 12, 2010


Not much today.
I thought that with Meredith gone to the dig, and Keth gone most of the day, I'd have lots of time to fool around!!
That's my job these days.

It's like what a cat does on it's day off; lies around the house; that's what a cat does; that's all a cat does.

But instead of fooling around I wasted my time washing dishes, trimming hedges, watering plants, and building stairs.

And having a headache all Wednesday because I watched late night television.
Jay Leno, that other guy, and even some Jimmy Fallon.
I'm amazed that I could even get out of bed next day.
Or wanted to, never again.

No series of long distance bike rides for me.

But, tonight, I stepped outside and it was nice, a short one to the hardware store for a gallon of primer for the new steps wouldn't hurt.

13.12 miles
11.8 average
1:06:25 time
29.4 max speed
530 + 1307 1807 odometer

Just got back, gonna git dinner.


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Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Yeah, having all this time on our
hands one assumes there is a huge
quotient of "fooling" around, but
alas, ultimately everything has the
same weight, the same importance,
and before you even realize it is
happening, the day has swept
past you and another fine
Northwestern night has descended
square onto your butt.
Got together last night with two
friends, a retired couple we know,
and drove the 50 miles up to
Buck Creek on 410 and set up
our beach chairs , put on our
thick jackets, with neck scarves,
and beach blankies, and got
ready for what was touted as
"the apex of this year's Perseid
Meteor shower, up to 100 sightings
and hour after 11 pm; perfect conditions
with the moon just a sliver, a clear
sky just before a heat wave, and
with Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn in
perfect alignment." We were
pumped, cocked, and ready
......and in the 2.5 hours we sat
there we did see about two dozen
falling stars, but really kind of
a ho-hum silly evening. Somehow
we enjoyed it regardless, getting
home at 2 am. So Melva was up
early to join our middle daughter
at her doctor's appointment. She
is 9 weeks pregnant. Today was
the landmark day that they
confirmed a heart beat. Melva
was delighted. I got up and got
to use my new Husky 5 hp electric
start walk-behind mower, and
mowed the lawns. Now we are
waiting around for the annual
carpet cleaning guy to show
up and shampoo our tired old
carpet one more time; at least.
Now that is some exciting
news, enit?

11:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hsllo, Lane!!
Am writing this on the LL's computer as the State Librarry is closed Sat. eves. (now 7p.m. And next week we'll be in Rerik on the B altic Sea with perhapüs no access to a computer to view and comment on your blogsite.
Am wondering how you and Meredith will like the current Tristan production; as I read on-line that Kazaras (stage director) and Israel (set- and coctuzme- designer were bood on opening night. What are your & Meredith's reactions??? While I'm mentioning your names, of course, the LL, as ALWAYS, sends regtards to you three.
So, Tschüß from us both until I can get on a compuzer again.

10:23 AM  

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