Saturday, August 14, 2010


The rear wheel on Cecilia is rotting out on the inside of the rim.
That's why it wont hold air.
I have polished out all the corrosion and treated it with Hammerite, which is supposed to stop that sort of oxydizational nonsense.
I hope so, the rear wheel has the hub and the brake drum built in and costs a bundle.
There is also a kind of glue that bicyclists use to glue their super lightweight tires to the rims.
So, I'll try that, too

I also recently and finally got the new wheelbarrow tire and rim to hold air by putting a tube in it even though it is supposed to be tubeless.

Now it's back to the horn sonata, which, being 90% complete, is about half done.


Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Remind us, sir, which vehicle is
Cecilia,,,the scooter, another bike,
or the VW van?
Are rot and rust the same thing?
Both some from of oxidation?
I would guess you are writing
about the VW van. What year
was it made, in the the 60's?
Having to resort to putting a
tube in a tubeless tire is just
the nuts; sort of makes you
wonder and mistrust the
commercial claims of so many
things we consume, enit?
I love your title "Aeolus",
the god of the winds, something
quick-moving, like your wit,
like our very lives, like your
blog. The horn sonata is a
work in progress, and it is
essential in this world to always
have a work in progress,
something to think and dream
about, to get us up in the
morning, to interrupt our
daydreams and stir us from
those slow moments of sloth
and inertia. I hope to continue
to have multiple works in
progress. You are fortunate to
be so mechanically inclined, for
this gives you a slew of projects
most of us could not tackle or
surmount ourselves. When is your
live concert again, the piano and
clarinet piece?
I had mowed with the new
Husky on Friday, but it was set
too high. Melva adjusted it down
two notches and now it is better.
I remowed the back yard to check
out the grass height. Friday night
went fairly well considering I did
have the tech support we normally
have. MOON still remains a terrific
film. Sam Rockwell is great in it.
And the homage to 2001: A SPACE
BLADE RUNNER were evident and
welcome; directed by Duncan
Jones, David Bowie's son.
We had a nice pot luck, and like'
a dozen attended. That seems to
be the summer number that most
of our events garners, 12-14.
I have begun to retape all the
vintage STAR TREK: The Next
Generation episodes I can on
BBC America. They are being
broadcast in HD. My older VHS
tapes of the series are far from
wonderful; upgrading, and re-
enjoying them too. Check out
LONELY HEARTS with John Travolta
and James Gandolfini; turns out
it was a pretty damn well done
50's cop/crime drama. Found out
on the special features that
Travolta and Gandolfini grew up
like three blocks from each other.

9:43 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

Cecelia is the Vespa.
Aeolus refers to the air in the tires that I have been having trouble with.
I'm a little ticked off about the brand new Wheelbarrow wheel and tire that wouldn't hold air.
(made in India)
The '67 VW type 2 transporter abides in the driveway and serves as a mobile trash can that only goes to the dump and back.
Except this week when it was my only load carrying transportation.
Except for the ride to the hardware store for a gallon of oil
based primer for the steps I rebuilt (after the painters had already painted everything)
The VW deserves the sobriquet "Fidelio" more than the Peugeot, but life can be cruel that way.
The concert will be on Friday Sept 3; I will be presenting the piano/violin piece called "eight ball in the side pocket"
I don't know why it's called that.
It was called "dichotomy", then "soliloquy", then "aria", and maybe something else I can't remember.

10:09 AM  

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