Friday, July 23, 2010

Green house

The house is pretty close to painted.
It looks good,
Light green.
Like the Prius.
Like the VW van. (w/o mold and rust)
Matching house and cars -
How sophisticated -

We chose the colors without considering the roof -
which is red...
but pretty dark with age.

Not as bad as it could be.

Someone else has to look at it from afar - not me -
I only have to see it close up -
Can't see the roof from the car, or when I get out of the car, or while I'm inside.

It's like my face.

I don't have to look at it...

That's your problem.

It is not without the realm of possibility that I will post a picture; when I get the time; I have a couple dozen books with "Mozart" in the title to read.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane (+Meredith & Keth)!!
Fortunately, the paint does not seem to smell!!!
The LL also sends her regards to y'all!!

3:10 PM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

A Green house, that is very hip;
kind of literally going green, enit?
What color was your house
originally, ivory, light brown,
off-reddish? Odd that I did not
pay much attention to that detail.
Yeah, those Mozart books can keep
a classical music scholar, such as
yourself, very busy indeed.
And I am happy to be on your
research team. It's what I breathe
for, I say; that and your rants
and poetics and memorable
adventures. Somehow I got through
my medical treatment just fine,
and did go over to the Grand
and saw WINTER'S BONE.
John Hawkes was superb in it.
Then I got home in time to
watch my new copy of Scorsese's
incomparable Leo DiCaprio.
Actually it was pretty good, better
than I had expected. There were
some themes explored that
predated and paralleled INCEPTION.
Then I started watching and taping
8-part mini-series with Ian McShane.
It's watchable, but I hope it gets
better, or I may not tape it all, or
view it all, And then have to tape
some old Roy Rogers movies over
the top of it or something.
Just finishing up the morning
watering, and knocked down a
homemade double cheeseburger
for breakfast. Melva loves it when
I eat like that; can't figure out how
I keep losing weight. I gained a
couple pounds during the three
week vacation, but it is coming
off fine this week. Talk to Melva
regularly on the phone from
Little Rock. Her conference runs
through tomorrow, and then she
begins the long drive back with
her gal pal. When she returns
we will get on over to Toyota of
Puyallup, and pick up her new
2011 Camry Hybrid. It will be a
kind ice blue metallic. In four
years she has put 80,000 miles
on our 2007. Your poem on
cycling is silly but I like it; it's
a good silly, and I will post it
on FFTR.

10:47 AM  

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