Friday, April 02, 2010


Hearing Alon Goldstein play Beethoven's Apassionata sonata at the Phillips gallery.

2, Passing out and peeing my pants on the train just outside of Chicago.

Other than that it was just a bewildering slog through a bunch of museums.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!!
Hope you are healthy; passing out on a train doesn't sound like it.
The LL also hopes you are healthy!!
Speaking of trains, yesterday, my train was re-routed when I returned from Berlin; it should go Berlin-Wittenberge-Schwerin; instead, it went Berlin-Stendal-Salzwedel-Uelzen-Hamburg-Schwerin.
So, of course, I got to Schwerin more than an hour late. Under this circumstance, I should have received a 25% refund of the ticket price. But, when I requested verifycation of the lateness by the Station Master, he told me there is no refund in the event of theft. No, nobody stole the train (rather difficult), but someone cut down the overhead electric line.(Most trains in Germany are run on electricity conveyed to the locomotive like it is done for light-rail in Seattle.)
As copper is now very expensive, someone cut the line down to sell the copper, and a new wire was not yet installed. I asked the Station Master why the thief was not electicuted in the process, and he replied that the power on that line is shut off at night when no trains were running. I hope more potential thieves don't know this, as there is heavy traffic on the Berlin-Hamburg/Schwerin line during the period 4 a.m.-1 a.m.!!

While you were in your nation's capital, I was in Germany's capital to see operas that won't be done in Schwerin: Strauss' "Rosenkavalier" + "Rienzi" (orchestra too large), "Marriage of Figaro" (cast requires too many expensive singers), Handel's "Orlando" (ditto). And Speight has said he doesn't plan to do "Rienzi", either. The "Rienzi" production in Berlin was great (cut down from 5 hours to just 2 1/2 hours) and trim enough for Seattle, I plan to write Speight.
Also interesting: The two Wagner operas I have heard in the last 22 days ("Siegfried" in Dresden and "Rienzi" in Berlin were both conducted by Seattle Opera conductors ("Siegfried" by Ascher Fisch and "Rienzi" by Evan Rogister, who conducted the Bartok-Schoenberg double-bill last season in Seattle)!!
Hope your trip to the US-Capital was interesting for you and Meredith and contained more than Adam Nieman!!
Also hope you will never pass-out on trains (or ANYwhere) again!!!
Gesundheit (good health) wish the LL and I all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonomann (+LL)
P.S. The opera house is my favorite place to be; the swimming pool is the LL's favorite place, so she spent the time I was in Berlin in Kuhlungsborn (on the Baltic, near Rostock), which has a salt water swimming pool and two fresh water pools for her.

8:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane (again)!!
Sorry, it was Alon Goldstein (not Adam N) you heard in DC; I knew it was a Seattle Chamber Musician other than Jeremy, but forgot which by the time I wrote the above comment.

8:49 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

We were 6 feet away from the piano with a perfect view of his hands.
I'm still humming the themes.

11:42 AM  

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