Thursday, April 08, 2010

What the health

Just got back from the hospital. Got some blood tests some shots (routine) and they took a picture of my head to see if there's anything in there.
Meredith was all worried about the seizure because of how it might affect my driving but after about 5 minutes of driving me to the clinic she decided that maybe the problem wasn't all that serious.
We haven't even got the results back yet.

After the blood tests this mourning we had a big breakfast at Geraldine's and took a walk in Seward park.

But it looks like it might be a nice day for a little fidelioning around, if you catch my drift.

Vale, lacarte.


Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

The good news is there ain't
no bad news, but then you
haven't quite got the rest
of the story yet, so when you
get it you will have more
data to dangle in front of
Miss M and Mr. Savant. The
weather forecast was for
showers today, yet with the
wind whipping up here in
the South Sound, the sun
has stayed out all day; but
it is still like 41 degrees
with a wind chill factor going
for it, so maybe Fidelio might
could get a chilled chain
or some such malady if you
take her out of the nice warm
basement and thrust those
tires onto the tarmac, enit?
Did you read Anonomann's
message, and then like Mr.
Phelps, destroy it in a white
puff of cyber smoke?
Still no atta gang, or atta
boy from the Savant RE the
121 comments left on the
site while you did your best
to emulate and simulate some
kind of TIA, or some shit.
Here's hoping we all can keep
smiling about this incident,
and that the results are not

1:53 PM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

Nothing on the brain scan, but blood test says I gotta eat "vegetables" what is that, "vegetables"?
I'll Google it.

7:04 PM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Here it is, folks, Friday
morning lite;; the freeway
was like barely crowded this
cold (32 degrees) dry AM.
I have now posted a horde,
a plethera of poems written
by Yi-Ching Lin on FFTR,
like a 100 or so, just like
the more famous and well known
poets; Pulitzer prize winners,
Fed and State poet laureates,
and the like. She is such a
wordsmith, and has such a
fresh take on things that I
am reinvigorated with poetry
as a communicative medium.
With her living in NYC, it
is fun to get her take on
the city, and its gaggles
too. NYC, though I have
visited it a few times, mostly
is a place in my mind fueled
by the 357 movies that I have
cataloged with the city as
the locale; more than just
about any other city, NYC
gets the press, the coverage,
the pulse of so much.
Had another encounter with
another raccoon this morning,
in the dark from the car to
the back porch of our building.
I will not miss those stressful
events when I retire.
Have a TFC screening tonight
in Tacoma, of THE MATADOR.
It is the movie that Quentin
Tarantino has been trying to
make his whole career, and
not succeeding. Pierce Brosnan
is good beyond measure in it.
Haven't been challenged, or
motivated to write any poetry
for over a week; starting to
get panicky. Will those poetic
muscles still work when I ask
for them to flex again?
I think what you've shared about
your medical results is good
news, probably. A lot of vege-
tables are green they tell me.
That might be one way you can
identify them in a super market.

5:54 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

Green? Doesn't green mean the meat has gone bad?

8:34 AM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Monday morning has sprouted blue
though, per usual, it has not
yet dawned. Because I rise with
the blood birds and predators,
I arrive here too early for
Doug to have posted his weekend
activities, and ascerbic wit.
So suffice it to say, I overslept
this morning, and feel that
I am dragging ass to the office.

5:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!!
The LL and I wish you, Meredith, and Keth (and Glenn!!) the VERY best of health!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2:18 AM  

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