Thursday, April 23, 2009

and in a greater sense - aren't we all?

"another day, another day, another day, creeps this sad procession. towards what? - the end of this weird sentence?"

.......from "what am i talking about" by e.e. goings.

No - wait - that's from "help help my shift key is broke".

My Shift Key Still Works And Today I Must Gather Up All The Parts Of The Amphibian And Get Rolling Because I've Sold It And They Are Coming To Take It Away.


Blogger butch said...

Yes, of course we all are. Hard to believe that Gokwis is going the way of the rest of your lost vehicular family. She/it was hand built by you, had her fenders hand rubbed by you, had her innards designed and installed by you, has had only you in her out there twice on, and not in or under Lake Washington. Gokwis, oh Gokwis, tis sad to see you go, or just to hear about it.

It is as if you have finally come to a place in your life where you can comfortably let go of those items, those things, that represented your past, you, your talent, your hobbies and interests. But you have traded wrenchs for key strokes, compression for tone, cadence, and c flats. Actually, I guess I am kind of happy for you, growing up and maturing at your young age, but sad that change has to manifest itself so dramatically.

I appreciate your artistic denial that twit-ku is simply a symptom of your lethargy, sloth, and tiddiness--but creativity pores from you like sweat, not always appreciated or understood, but neceassazry to your survival.

Good for you for straightening out Tiny Tim and Elton's John about their ribald inquiries. And thanks for explicating and giving us your take on Twitter.

Tis Friday now, and I have my monthly medical treatment, but then hey, it is the weekend, and I can go to some movies, sit in the sun on our deck, write a poem, or pick my ass. 11 days until my cataract is broken to dust with sonic waves, and then vacuumed out, and replaced with an expensive and wonderful interocular Toric plastic lens, and I will emerge a new man, a man who can finally see the world arround him.


5:56 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

I thought I got around that in the '80s.
Sweat pores artistic.
Creativity through incompetence.
Buy two and save even more.
Supplies limited.

Amazing grace to your eyes, sir.

8:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!
Who's the new owner of the "Amphibian"? (S)he made a wise purchase -- and congratulations to its inventor!!!
Hope it will have a successor proudly parked at the Redwing residence!!

9:39 AM  

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