Wednesday, April 29, 2009



Got home from school today and it was gone.

Frees up a lot of physical and psychological energy.

Went to the usual Queen Anne Starbucks and took my croissant and tall drip outside to drink in the atmosphere.
Talked to a passing Jehovah's Witness.
She seemed to think that I might be Russian.
I'm not.
Germano-Hibernio would be my guess.
She also seemed to think that God wouldn't pull such a stunt as to create Hell.
That's his biznizz, but if it was up to me I sure as hell wouldn't.
Got a nice little pamphlet in Russian.
Nice lookin' language.

I wonder what I'd think of English if I didn't know what it was saying?

Popped over to my favorite QA store for Ala Francaise bread and found that they also had Franz' Oregon bread the one with hazelnuts in it.
That's Meredith's favorite, so I bought a couple loaves.

Found out that the parking lot up the street from SCCC has just as good rates as the school lot only I don't have to wait 'till noon.

What advantage that might might be, I dunno.

Tomorrow we will take the Volvo to a Volvo recycling yard and hopefully get a few bucks out of it

Time will tell, so never trust it with your secrets.


Blogger butch said...

Via Con Dios Gokwiis, it has been good to know you. Did you feel intimidated by its presence, as if you were being forced to think you should be working on it, or taking a trip into the drink with it? Again, this shedding of your old iron is indicative of something, just not sure what. Probably some kind of very positive vibe, enit?

It is admirable that you could chat with the Jehovah's Witness. Her notion that maybe there is no hell is both wrong and right. Philosophers believe we create our own hell, right here, right now. Metaphysicists believe that as spiritual entities we have the power and the free will to create demons, to control them, to banish them, to believe in them--thus enabling them, or not. Melva has one that comes montly to our porch and leaves leaflets. Melva talks with her politely. I just can't put myself into that mode. I do not have the patience for it, which is absurd, but there it is.

It is also admirable that you care enough to buy two loaves of walnlut bread for Miss M. But where are the fishes? I have taken Melva to Jared's for pre-Mother's Day sparklie shopping, and she found a neat yellow stone ring. We will go back Saturday to look at the more serious gems, for grins, or possibly to augment her jewelry box. It is one of the few things Melva will buy for herself, or let me pitch in.

By the by, Germano we can dig, but what the duece is Hibernio? You have narcolepsy? You sleep all winter and live off your fat cells?

Since Babel we all khave these odd sounds we make that we identify as language. Listening to Joy Harjo speaking native American on one of her songs I notice the odd clicking sounds Indian language contains, some have sing-song, others a gutteral resonance. I like the sound of French. Italian makes me laugh. German pisses me off for some reason. Odd that.

The other parking lot availability probably just gives you more choices in your schedule, that you could now, if you wished, go to town hours earlier, for a concert or a meal, or the library, or whatever.

Gosh the Volvo is headed for the scrap yard, the bone yard too? Yeah, I guess it would be hard to sell it with that kind of mileage on it.

I lead the discussion at the Grand Theater this Saturday for a new Michael Caine film, IS ANYBODY THERE? Drop it for the 4:15 feature and join us if you've a mind to. We have a screening of THE ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES BY THE COWARD ROBERT FORD at CSL this Friday night, a droll, long, and interesting revisionist Western that superbly adds to the JJ Lexicon of cinema (Review JESSE JAMES OF THE MOVIES on FFTR).

I am getting back into Joni Mitchell in the mornings, listening to her range, her heart, her humor on the CD player, while I type, surf, and ponder the state of things here in the wee hours of the dawn.


6:11 AM  
Anonymous Glenn Buttkus said...

The personage that comes to our porch montly is a Jehovah's Witness, not a demon. I type too fast. Can't keep up with the cortexial undulations.

6:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bye-Bye Gokwiis!!!

Edgar Poo
Eddie Emerald
Tiny Tim
Elton's John
George Patton
George Custer
George Mikal
George Montgomery
George Fourman
George Gobell
Mikal Jack'son
Lester FallsApart
Big Mama
Chief Victor
Emily D.
Dwight D. Izenhowr
Jack Kennedy
Thomas BuildsaFire
Sherman A.
Jannie Funster
Janet Leigh
All (3) Miss M's
Duke N.
Duke W.
Paulie MackCartnee
Mr. Starkey
Jack's Lemon
Angelina Joleee
Bradthe Pitts
Bud Brando
Jack's Lemon
Warren Beauty
Shirley McClaim
Shelley Summers
Laurie Hugh
Dick Braughtigan
and all the rest of the Lane Savant posse of commentors.

6:28 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

The J.W. didn't stay long.

Hibernia is wrong,it means Irish.
What I meant was Caledonio for Caledonia which is Scotland.
As in the song "Caledonia, Caledonia, what makes your big head so hard?"
300,000 miles is not a problem with old Volvos. The problem is it looks so shabby.

8:52 AM  
Blogger butch said...

Some quiet evening you will be taking the air out on your eastside porch, and piercing the gloom you will see headlights out on the lake, moving in a circular pattern. You will hear that jet-prop, and will see the mini-rooster tail--and there it will be, the spirit of Gokwiis, out for a cruise, scaring fishermen, alarming those rich bastards drinking scotch on their docks on Mercer Island. And you will sigh, for you are the father, the creator, and that sprite will never fade or disappear. One day a small mention will be made on KING 5 news, since the newspapers will be history, evne the Little Nickel.
Perhaps a tear will roll down your cheek, or your chest will rise with pride. Hello and Adieu Gokwiis.


6:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane+Meredith!
Your driveway will look like Vinni's colleagues raided it when the Amphibian and the Volvo are´no longer there to grace it.

2:36 AM  

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