Saturday, March 21, 2009

My sentiments exactly

From the blog of one who knows what she is talking about but mainly agrees with me.

The concert concluded with a taut performance of Berlioz's "Symphonie Fantastique". In spite of the orchestra sounding a bit sterile, Slatkin coaxed the ensemble to give their best effort. Slatkin offers a sense of polish and refinement but he lacks the highly charged, dripping-with-intensity dynamism of a Gustavo Dudamel or Michael Tilson Thomas. I can't help but wonder what the Seattle Symphony might sound like with a truly charismatic and vitalizing force on the podium.


I hate the academic process of dividing music up into styles, schools, or eras.
Music is music, some of it is great, and some of it is garbage.
More of the classical is garbage because it is under the control of schools

There is absolutely no reason why classical music can't rock (see Beethoven's seventh last movement)(O.K. listen to it)

...for instance.

And, in a related story.

Happy birthday to Johann Sebastian Bach, the worlds first and arguably greatest jazz keyboardist.
Not as funky as Thelonius Monk, but considering the oppressive times he endured, a genius nonetheless.

I will in an hour or so be going to the Lutheran church up on Phinney Ridge to listen to the six suites for solo cello as performed by a humongous number of cellists.

I can't get two of these people together for a recording of my cello duet.
Maybe my music isn't as good as J.S.B.
Ya think!

Also I've been informed that the Great Elgar cello concerto was not immediately successful.

Yeah, well...neither am I.

So toodles girls, I've got to go dress up in my slick clothes and pretend I might be sombody

Tempus is fugiting and I must go chase it down.


Blogger butch said...

The "she" shall be nameless? We suspect it might be someone familiar to the readership, but it could be Queen of England, who knows? Is Slatkin the guest conductor SSO has been advertising?

As to categorizing music not, you have lost this thick soul there. How would you find the particular music you desire and want without someone somewhere in some school or other labeling it?

As to classical music that rocks,listen to the concerto that Paul McCartney wrote for a symphony, and mounted a performance in Albert Hall. It probably rocked. What about ELO, and all those string sections stuffed into Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, and Elton John hits? Oh, not classical enough for you? You're not categorizing again are you?

Hope the cello duet some day will be plucked and bowed by professionals, and that some of the cellists you encounter may be receptive to your pleas, offers, and of course your cash.

As you probably have checked out, I have been busy times three mounting another couple hundred poems from half dozen poets over on FFTR. Is there no limit to my literary and poetic madness? Rick Mobbs found some time a wrote a new poem last week, as did Janet Leigh, and Jannie Funster. Now when Palmer waxes poetic next, the scales will be balanced. I am off with Melva to catch then new Garrison Keillor documentary: THE MAN ON THE RADIO IN THE RED TENNIS SHOES.


2:11 PM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

Categories are for listeners.
I am a composer and must consider everything before I write.

Stuffing a string section is to make the music right not because it's "classical"

I really don't care much about the duet, I'm on to greater and even more futile projects.

You have been busy, I checked out a bunch of your pages this morning, but I'm still a few laps behind.

4:12 PM  
Blogger kransberg-talvi said...

Hi Doug,

Good to have you back in town!

4:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane (& ananomous female)!
I couldn't agree more with your anonomous source; the orchestra already sounds better with charismatic guests, like Lawrence Renes, who also like piloting sea-planes, an attraction Seattle offers. Can he also raise money like the current incumbent? Those who know him say he IS charming.
It is probably IMprobable that we could lure MTT away from Frisco or Gustavo from his musical mission in his native Venezuela, however.

2:59 AM  
Blogger butch said...

Here it is another fine Week for the working man, blue, blue, the working man's blues. I spend a lot of Sunday watching SHINE A LIGHT, the documentary that Martin Scorsese did on The Rolling Stones. I would like to have seen at the IMAX where he ran the screenings, but loved it just the same; better even than the one he did on Bob Dylan. Then I watched another Scorsese produced, LIGHTNING IN A BOTTLE, an all night blues festival done at Radio City Music Hall a couple years ago. So the Stones were rattling around in my head, and I need to exorcise them. So I did one of my 100 pics postings on FFTR, and that seems to clear the cobwebs for a time.

I have two poetry books coming from Amazon. Sherman Alexie's new book, FACES, and Bobby Byrd's latest book of poetry, WHITE PANTIES, DEAD FRIENDS. Still slogging through the Harvey Goldner book he sent me as well, which led me to Frank McRae, and Joe Somoza too, after I exhausted Robert Creeley. You are so right. I have been busy. My head is humming with free verse. It gets me pumped and jazzed like yours gets after a good concert I guess.

Melva and I are coming up on our 16th wedding anniversay next Friday, and in celebration we are driving up to Canada, and slipping over to Victoria. She rented a cabin west of town there somewhere. It should be a gas. I did find my passport, so we are raring to go.


5:47 AM  

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