Monday, March 23, 2009

Holy hot Pumas, Batman

Yesterday we enjoyed the Symphonia Northwest's concert.
Bryan Schenkman played a piano concerto. Mendelssohn's I think
The orchestra played Berlioz' Beatrice and Benedict (from the Shakespeare)
And a symphony from somebody you've heard of before.

Spend an hour getting around the lack of a CD drive (you can load the CD stuff on a portable whatchacallit and use that for the installation)

And of course, that worked real good.

And also of course, the thing still doesn't work because between the time the wire was installed and yesterday, the jack has gone dead.

Anyway I'll be processing the trip pics soon.

I hope the one with Meredith wrestling the whale comes out ok.
The light wasn't right and the delay built into the shutter release makes it hard to time the moving bits.

After not listening to the 2vln concerto for a week, it sounded terrible listening to it when I got back.

So it's back to work on that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!
Hopefully, lots of people will someday write on their blogsites that they just heard a "symphony by somebody you've never heard of before" and will want to hear more of said composer's music -- when that composer is one Douglas Palmer!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonomann (+LL)

2:34 AM  
Blogger butch said...

Sometimes it seems the cyber gnomes just lie in wait for you. That ain't right! Technology has a way of creating a quagmire for some of us; myself included. I barely get by most of the time.

Was that a whale, an Orca, or a sea lion that Meredith was wrestling? It was foggy after all.
Jannie had some interesting and touching poetry on her site, so I snatched it for FFTR.

A week without a Lane Savant comment is just a flat beer fart, or so they say. It is good to have you back at the FFTL helm.

I am going about half nuts trying to wade through the paperwork for social security, Medicare, and Group Health, in readiness for the big 65th birthday coming up in June. I am just a paperwork Wussy perhaps.


5:57 AM  
Blogger butch said...

I noticed that you have begun to wade through the motley assortment of terrific poetry and pics and divers other things on FFTR. Thanks for the effort,and comments.

I received my copy of WHITE PANTIES, DEAD FRIENDS, and the poems are terrific. I emailed Bobby Byrd to find out where to send the copy for his signature.
While over on Sherman's site yesterday (and you seemed to have dug his dig at Rob Frost), I got introduced to poet and former pro basketball player Natalie Diaz. She recently won some international Pablo Neruda award, and her poetry is thick as a brick, intense, and very creative. Just when you thought you had heard from most all of the Native American poets, and along comes some more.

Looks like your slogged thorugh the 100 pics of The Rolling Stones and survived. That was fun putting that together. It is good that a jpg is so miniscule. I have several thousand posted on FFTR by now.


8:04 AM  

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