Sunday, July 20, 2008

What goes around

We are not alone, apparently

Symphony Columbus

has it's problems, too.

At least they're not my problems.

Last night we watched a video of Orson wells masterpiece "The Third Man"
In spite of the ragged condition of the tape and the muddiness of the music, it is still an awe inspiring work of cinematic art.
In black and white with absolutely no computer graphics, car chases or exploding helicopters.

How Orson came up with the idea of using the Zither for the background music is as much of a artistic mystery as how that elephant got into Groucho's pajamas.

I've been wrestling with my Facebook site trying to post a score for the cello duet.
I may have succeeded, and I may not have succeeded.
That is what makes life interesting.
Annoying, frustrating, maddening, crazy, but interesting



Blogger butch said...

Got to the office late. Had to take Melva to Sea Tac. She was flying to Chicago for a week long conference. We all had a gas of a time at Pac Beach. My two grandsons are pretty neat crittrs. My daughter, Chrystal, is happy to be back in the Northwest for a time. I got to know my son-in-law, Brian, a bit better. At midnight, we went up a forest service road in the Upper Queets Valley--Bigfoot hunting. It was pretty exciting, but we did not manage to have a sighting. He has a new Tundra pick up, 5.75L and 17mph, and he was packing a 9mm handgun, and I had a flashlight. Remind me to tell you about it sometime. I have learned that taking care of screaming, fussing, and diaper loading totes is a job for the younger folks though.

THE THIRD MAN (1949) was directed by Sir Carol Reed, not Orson Wells. It always bothered me that Wells, playing the mysterious Harry Lime, only had a brief bit of screen time; that Joseph Cotton, Trevor Howard, and Valli hogged most of the plot. Everyone talked about and searched for Harry Lime, but not much time for Wells really. The music was by Anton Karas, who I don't know much about. Graham Greene wrote the screenplay, based on his novel. Where did you get a VHS copy of the film? Anyway, Wells had nothing to do with the writing, the directing, or the music. I hope that clears up some of your "mystery". Now the elephant in Groucho's pajamas is a different story, and will forever remain a mystery.

I still cannot get into Facebook here at the office, it is blocked by Big Brother, and I get to busy at home to remember to check it out. Strange, enit?


7:47 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

Seattle Public Library had a copy at Rainier Branch.
I was at Rainier Branch.
I saw.
I checked it out.

The whole thing is about shadows, shadows of morality, shadows of the soul, shadows of the night, political shadows, personal shadows, shadows 'cause the tape was so old and beat up.

12:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go ahead, ask me a question, any question, anything at all.

.......Don DeShadownose

1:14 PM  

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