Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wednesday adventures

Amazing story but true. Only the names have been changed (and a hefty proportion of the facts)
While I was having my coffee and cookie at my usual coffeehouse, I heard, wafting through the air, the most beautiful soprano voice singing the "Queen of the night" aria from Mozart's "Magic Flute"
What an incredible voice, hitting the high notes with amazing ease, making it seem as if it could go on climbing forever (or maybe just another 3rd)
The tone, which, in many voices begins to get shrill and screechy at these altitudes, was as full bodied and as soul shaking as Leontyne Price's and as beautifully nuanced as Joan Sutherland's with light background of hops and a hint of wheat grass.
I looked around for the source of the supernal sound, thinking that someone had not plugged in their headphones but it turned out to be a live performance by a local celebrity whose name you would recognize instantly if I were not morally obligated not to reveal due to the artist's desire to forgo what would undoubtedly be the greatest singing career ever known to man or beast.

(The artist) wishes to remain anonymous so as to continue (the artist's) charitable works without hindrance.

Besides (the artist) doesn't need the money.

Or the fame.

Oh yeah, I was also growled at by one of the bear clan who happened by...
Tres risement.

Unfortunately, later that same day, I found that my class had been canceled due to an indisposition of a viral persuasion.
Just when I need it most in order to get the violin duet score straightened out.
I am still just an amateur and a student and I really don't know beans about scoring for violins.

Here's some more stuff to look at chez Quinault

The nice day, view from Onion rock.

On a nature walk.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!
It would be really interesting to find out who was singing one of the Qeeen of the Night's two arias (also which one of the two) in such a small venue as the Cafe Ladro. When I take stock of the known sopranos in the Seattle area, I can't figure out who that might be -- or was it a visiting artist on break from The Forbidden Land (a.k.a. The Cuckucks' Nest)?


2:35 AM  

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