Monday, October 15, 2007

More than one, less than three

Well, I shoulda turned off the comment moderator but I dint and it's too late. Anyway I'm back and wondering which cuck cuck won the award.
So even after all this time, it is still now. As per usual.
It rained at Lake Quinault. We got wet on short hikes.
I had a conversation with a Sea-serpent, Lake serpent, actually.
I recorded it.
"Me Ogopogo
Me from Lake Washington
Me not like it there
Too much noise, airplanes, boats, make nervous
People not taste good
Taste like big mak
Make butt look big
Me leave
Swim through locks
Swim in Puget sound, salt water, yuck
Me swim 'round Olympic peninsula
Hey, Makah!, me not whale
Long swim down coast
Wrong river first
Finally find Quinault
Peaceful, quiet,
Me like it here
People who write haiku taste better
Less cholesterol
Get in shape
Add centuries to life"

I'm an iambic pentameter man myself, love McDonald's food

Just before we left, I saw Total Recall on the telly.
A friend asked which P.K.Dick that was based on. I don't know, but I'm now thinking that I shoulda tole her to ask the question on this site. Butch prolly nose.
But I feel silly trying to ask people to visit here. So. I. Did. n't.
Maybe I will e-mail her. She's a prettygood poet her own self. If anyone has a right to know which of PKD's poetry the governor of Calif was declaiming, it's Judith.

I sent score for the violin thing (it's called "Far.Cry.Blue.")to the violinist.
I haven't heard back yet. He's probably consulting with a lawyer or called the cops on me or something. I await, as always for the crash of the boot on the door in the wee hours of the morning and the subsequent rattling staccato of machine gun fire.
I know they're coming to get me for something, whether it's talking to white girls or writing socially inappropriate music. I feel the cold wind.

Anyway, Vito seems happy. Well, not happy exactly, but at least not as menacingly angry as he was last time we talked. Well WE didn't talk. He did all the talking. I found it hard to respond appropriately through the duck tape.
Butt, that's behind me.

My favorite Religion site has invited all comers to become facebook friends.
This is the organization that led my sweetheart Meighan out in to the desert for a long march into a promised land and I hope she finds it.
So I'm tempted.
Friends are a good thing.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

We at La che darem savings and loan wish to thank you for the prompt payment of your "loan"
Prompt payment assures that you will be able to retain all your body parts.
Unlike the people referred to in our contract.
signed for Vito by communications secretary Nevera Borrorby

1:05 PM  
Blogger butch said...

So nice to have you home, Dougie and Meredith. I bitched about the comment moderator enough, so next time I'm sure you will be more considerate to your "kids". Man, I did not realize how carried away some of us became. That Emily is long-winded, that is a natural fact. And Butch also can crank a lot of verbosity out of responses to his own comments.

It is interesting that Ogopogo left Lake Washington. Perhaps it had something to do with the maiden voyage of the Palmer amphibian; Gottweiss. The spinning wheels, the headlights in the fog, and jet motor on the back --probably scared it a bit. Even though actually it has put up with every kind of power boat on the lake, including those hydroplanes which scare everybody. As to the people not tasting good, gosh, life can be tough for a sea serpent. I wonder where it was bred? Deep in some underground chasm that feeds the Lake. It must have attacked some fishermen in small boats who were eating some Mickey D fare. It must have been quite a trip around Puget Sound, and the entire Olympic pennisula, to end up being a river creature, going up the Quinault, and ending up in Lake Quinault.

Glad you had a chance to stay out of the rain a bit and zone out to Arnie in TOTAL RECALL. From what I understand a Philip K. Dick short story was the "inspiration" for the screenplay. That short story was titled, WE CAN REMEMBER IT FOR YOU WHOLESALE. But like BLADE RUNNER which was inspired by DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP?, the actual film had very little to do with the Dickian Gnosticism. So please share with Judith what she requires.

FAR.CRY.BLUE. sounds great for a title! When this event comes to some form of fruition, perhaps Melva and I could attend the performance. Could be a boffo time.

Your healthy paranoia does resemble that of other artists, no less than P.K. Dick hisself, or even William Burroughs, or Kerouac on crack. We all await the sound of jack boots on our driveways and clubs at the door, and the staccato of automatic weapons up the street. Anarchy is acoming, or at least that was the feeling some of us nurtured in 1969. But gosh, Savant, that was over 35 years ago, and as screwed up as the world is, and our form of government is, Big Brother has not kicked down too many doors, not ones I heard about --but organized crime, that is another matter. That is like a breathing cancer that infects us all and perhaps Vito and the Sheriff are the embodiment of that reality. You may talk to white girls, sir, it's the black ones you have to be careful with, and the yellow ones, and the red ones; green ones too I think. "Socially inappropriate music" is the breath of life to many of us that are starved for the unique, that want to smash the mantle of the mundane.

God, what a concept. I wonder what the hell "facebook friends" actually is? It is like Oral Roberts begging for "love offerings" so that he could rake in millions and build a university and a hospital that black people can not apply to or enjoy in any respect. Hypocracy is alive, and it hangs like a millstone around our waist, reaching up for our necks.


5:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Brudder --who da hell do youse tink youare? Youse can't be flapping your lips bout the boys, see? La Che Darem Savings & Loan ain't open for public convenience. You come to us, on your knees, which looked pretty stewpud, and you begged your azz off to get some bread for some kindof musical event youse are plannin, and we just coughed it up. Den youse run off to some Lake and talk with Serppants, and try to take a hike on us. You just watch yerzelf punk. We gots ezz on ya.

Bobby the Butcher
Danny the Damager
Kyle the Killer
Ned the Negotiator
Malcolm the Mechanic
And dose udders 2.

5:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The cuckuck-bird population as a whole has been elected (by which organization I don't know) "Bird of the Year 2008" (over here, where I heard it on the news "Vogel des Jahres 2008".
No mention was made whether this honor also extends to the non-flying cuckucks, like those on the 5th floor at 2nd and Onion.

-- Anonomann

1:53 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

The whole flapping mass of 'em eh?

7:48 AM  

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