Wednesday, October 17, 2007

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All right, no picture today but, here's the "poem". It's about the timelessness of the cabin "Christie". Named for that mountain across the lake. The resort is named "Lochaerie". I don't know who the mountain was named for. The cabin was built in 1932. It sits on a hunk of...Oh, lets call it granite, that is named for some reason "Onion rock".
Still funky after all these years. The floor is uneven and the whole thing wobbles when you shut the refrigerator door.

Time is too busy
Time does not stand
Mountains to rain on
And grind into sand

Time is important
Time's on the run
Planets to form
And fling to the sun

But Christie protects us
Keeps Time at bay
Safe in her refuge
As long as we stay

Hours, Days, Years
Words heard in a dream
Christie is graceful
Safe and serene

One minute is always
Whenever we stay
Thanks to our Christie
Time stays away

Pretty lame poetry.

Let's call it "Ode to a Venerable Shack"

The fireplace smokes, too.

Picture of the serpent follows as soon as possible



Blogger butch said...

Christie at Lochaerie, erected on Onion Rock. Pretty cool stuff. You never really mentioned which side of Lake Quinault it is on. I am thinking the north side. Was the road muddy coming up to it? Or is it just off the main paved road? 1932 you say? I believe the wood frame home you reside in might be that old, or older, and its fireplace does not smoke, and the floors are still pretty level, and I doubt if the whole thing wobbles even in an earthquake. Different builder, I guess. Lochaerie does sound very Scottish. Was there any explication as to that?

Was this "lamish" poem typed on a piece of paper stapled to the wall, or on a framed sampler? You did mention that you got wet on some short hikes. I will tempt the heavens and fate as well, as Melva and I sally forth to Pac Beach this afternoon. There is a typhoon or something that is coming in tonight. There was a hell of a wind storm when we were there last month. Kind of neat to be in a warm well built cabin on the edge of the sea, listening to the wind whip up a frenzy, and the waves becoming huge as they crash onto the beach.

Besides the weather there, did you get some reading done? What kind of cookies were consumed? What about the Oregon coast part of the Palmer getaway?


5:33 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

Road goes all around the lake
Half is paved
Loch - Scots word for lake.
Aerie - Eagle's nest.
Storms at the ocean are a blast.
We also like to go to Yahachts and watch the ocean bash against the rocky Oregon coast. There are lots of coves and rock fields where wave action is awesome, spouting up through blowholes and smashing several stories into the air.
There is a log book in the cabin where people write comments.
Both "Ogopogo" and "Lame Poem" were my entries. There is also some of Snyders stuff in there.....

8:09 AM  

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