Wednesday, October 17, 2007


The cabin known as Christie



You must realize that the serpent in this picture is a lo0Oong way off.
'Cause from up close it might look a lot like an otter.


Blogger butch said...

Were you able to scan these pics from your new computer, or on it, or did you have to go to the library? The cabin does look charming. Was it drafty? Had you two stayed there before? Was it just something you found on line?
Those massive lakes, Quinault and Crescent, do provide vast vistas to peruse --and having the mountains plunge right down to the shore like that is also esthetically pleasing.
Ogopogo pic is fascinating, cuz at first glance it has a Nessy and Lock Ness feel to it. Then by gar it just turns out to be Ozzie the Otter. I still believe that the Olympic Pennisula is a place that one of these days or nights I will have a Sasquatch sighting. Kind of like how I knew that I would actually have a UFO sighting at some point in my life, and that did happen. Not when you are ready for it, but at least you expected it. The Big Foot sites on the internet list dozens of sightings in Grays Harbor county. The other hotbed of big foot appearances is that plateau and set of ridges between Mt. St. Helens, or what's left of it, and Mt. Adams. Down there between Morton and Packwood and points east and southeast. Some of the accounts of actually encountering Sasquatch are very scary though. I might have to wear adult diapers to survive the experience.


5:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice little love-nest loveboy. Did you make out much while there? I think that you and I would have had, or could have had a much more passionate time of it. In my time there were cabins aplenty like Christie, and all the fireplaces smoked. You certainly are correct in the assumption that the cabin poetry is lame. But when a writer is concerned more with rhyme scheme than with simile, symbol, and wordsmithing --it just becomes an exercise in lameness. I personally have seen better poetry on the walls in women's restrooms. Who wrote this opus anyway? I think you mentioned it earlier, but I have intermittent CRS, so please remind us. Were there any boats to rent nearby, or a dock? A nice row out onto the glassy surface of the lake, searching for solitude and the serpent would have been so romantic.


5:50 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

We've stayed there a lot. Feels like home. That is not an otter. I told you not to look at it close up.
There's lots of Sasquachi residents
on the north side of Lake Quinault.
I've even been able to pick up some of their language. It's a beautiful but unspellable one. They are really nice people but have a reasonable fear of glory hunters.

EMILY! As I said earlier my sex life is in the past. All my "relationships" are on a purely intellectual plane.

7:54 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

P.S. Meredith took the pictures with her Olympus SP-320.
The cabin is as drafty as it is funky.

7:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The cabin does not look drafty to me, but I was not in it.
-- Anonomann

2:39 AM  

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