Friday, September 28, 2007

Deliberately boring

Yawning is sometimes a symptom of repressed excitement.
Somehow this transitional season excites a certain anticipation.
An anticipation that, due to 65 years of leading nowhere, seems
Sorta like the mail, which I have recently been calling "the daily disappointment".
Well, nothing ventured, nothing lost, I always say.
Of course, I don't always say that, do I?
I string lots of words together that don't say that.

I am still pondering J.Denk's use of the sobriquet "Deliberately boring".
Boredom is one of the psychological energy producers of this site.
I am yawning in part because of the excitement generated at the start of the school year.
Even though I know that, come next January, I will still be the same turkey, living the same life, telling the same jokes and writing the same pretty good but basically non-viable music.
However, if you get a little kick out of it, Carnegie Hall can just follow Benaroya into the trash bin of my delicate, bruised psyche.

Soon, I will be posting the piano, clarinet and bass piece
Soon, though subject to the same time and tide conspiracy that befouls all our best laid plans, I will post the english horn, clarinet and piano piece
Not yet, though venisoon after, I will sneak in another Finnigans Wake allusion.

Yesterday, (if Michael Jackson permits me the use of one of his copyrights) I did some important work on Fidelio. I have finally, after 20 years or so, gotten the gears lined up so that I have all 10 speeds again.
I only lost about 6 of the little (.125in) ball bearings that fell out when I took something that did not need to be taken apart, apart.

Here's an eight ball in the side pocket off the end rail kind of statement for ya.

(I think what Lane means here is that he's "calling his shots" in a kind of feeble attempt at irony. Or maybe he's even trying for sarcasm. Let's hope he doesn't hurt himself in the process)

"The bike will work perfectly when I road test it later today"

"This year my music will finally get the attention it deserves"

Anyway, back to boredom.
Boredom is really quite an exciting and dangerous activity.
It is watching the span of your life slowly dissolve while you wait for the bus.
While you look at all the activity in the shop window of life and realize that the store is closed for the weekend and your credit card has been stolen.
It's the realization that you are not getting any because you aren't wearing a tie.
It's Monty Python's Flying CirCUS!
It's the wonderfully tautologically riverrunly realization that we all probably already getting all the attention we deserve.

Love what you've done with your hair today. It looks terrific. Adds a whole new dimention to your already formidable personality.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read this.
Regards from LL and me to you, Meredith, and Keth.
-- Anonomann

7:02 AM  
Blogger butch said...

I took off at Noon on Friday for Pac Beach with Melva, so I am a bit slow in my response. We, per usual, had a great time out there. It rained like hell and there were 50mph winds on Saturday, but we played several games of cards, got to Ocean Shores to see the new flick, THE KINGDOM, which was excellent, and we watched my DVD of HAPPY FEET back at the house. The ocean for us is a real calm fest, and rejuvenator. For fun we looked at beach homes and priced them, running from 250K to 1 million. What a pipedream! I guess I need to go back to buying Lotto tickets again. That's about the only way that kind of a windfall will ever come our way.

As to your various Muses, sir, I was under the impression that your primary Muse, your main bitch, was the divine Miss E. I am surprised she has not weighed in on this issue.

Anticipation...that always brings to mind that Ketchup commercial for Hunt's, waiting for that first glop to pour out on your hash browns. You seem very effected by the change in the seasons. Maybe you are a bit of a moondog. When you are near the ocean, do you get frisky or depressed? Usually in the Fall I anticipate the big events, the holidays. In 3 weeks we return to Pac Beach with family and friends to celebrate the Fourth Annual MISS MELVA'S BIRTHDAY BASH. In 2004, when queried as to what she wanted for her birthday, she replied,"I want to rent a couple houses at the ocean and fill them with family and friends and have a hell of a party!". It went well, and we have been having a repeat performance every year since. Second year Melva gave out T-shirts with her birthday logo on them. Last year it was bath towels with her logo on them. This year it will start off with rolls of toilet tissue wrapped in her logo, and then on the second day she will hand out coffee mugs with her logo on them. I will save a couple for Doug and Meredith, since we had to order six dozen to get the price right.

For over 12 years we fly to Texas on Christmas to see Melva's family. This will be the first year that will not happen, since our oldest daughter, Crystal, is having our second grandchild right after Thanksgiving, and Melva wants to spend some time with them. Myself and our other two daughters will still be here, so we might get together and break bread.

Yeah, ain't it a bitch to be in your 60's and come to the realization that probably you will not see much of Europe, nor be a millionaire, nor have a book published, nor have a full head of hair? When I was a kid, I used to sit on the hills of West Seattle staring west out to Blake Island, thinking to myself that when I became a famous and wealthy writer or actor, I would buy that island. Then the damned State bought it and put Tillamuck Village out there to attract the tourists, and bake up a lot of salmon.

In pinochle we have a saying too --"You can't go set unless you bid." So, no, you don't always say,"Nothing ventured, nothing lost." --although it sounds like that kind of smart ass thing you might say, or have said.

As to Jeremy Denk, and his "sobriquet" nick-name, "deliberately boring", he would never apply that to Lane Savant, and FFTL. That just would not be kosher. I do believe that you even try to convince yourself that you created this site our of your boredom, but I like to think it was more out of restlessness, out of a need to transfer your creativity somewhere, to push it out of yourself, and foist it off on an unsuspecting world.

And hey, I thought that yawning was also an anxiety response, and/or a need to provide more oxygen to the brain. Your music has matured, and perhaps 20087 will be the year of the Palmer Process, and Savant will become a celebrity, of sorts. You will always be the "same turkey" not matter how much success your muster and garner. That is something many actor friends who hit it big seemed to forget. Yes I am talking to Patrick Duffy, Jean Smart, Marc Singer, and others. I am happy for your successes but inside you are all the same turkeys you ever were. I read over the weekend that George Karlin is doing a performance at Benaroya Hall. Now that is a class act.

I personally will vibrate with anticipation awaiting the next mp3 submissions, and the allusion to FINNEGAN'S WAKE.

I am certain that Fidelio is saddened by the loss of six ball bearings, even though they were miniscule and nearly insignificant. So are we on the cosmic scale, don't you think?

All those pool references makes me want to review THE HUSTLER and the COLOR OF MONEY. Just the beautiful music those pool balls make during the break, and when they drop into those leather bags under the holes; now that is living! I don't shoot pool much anymore. I don't hand out with guys who like to, or want to. I never was very good at it; didn't practice enough, but I sure enjoyed the game.

So how did the road test for Fidelio go? Another 28 miles pumped out and off? Average speed 12.3mph, fastest speed 37mph?

As to "Waiting for the Bus", please listen to the record called that, done by ZZ Top, and pay attention to those lyrics that start off with, "Jesus done left Chicago, bound for New Orleans."
And return to my references of Richard Brautigan's prose and poetry that had to do with bus rides. "While the span of your life slowly disolves while your are waiting for the bus." or your ship, or your Muse, or your Love, or your refund. Yeah, but please reember that on the other side of the veil Time does not really exist; like truth, like reality, it is only an illusion. Christ, I wear a tie five days a week, and I still don't get as much as I want, just barely as much as I need, and nowhere near what I deserve. They say that we are the only deterrent to our own success. That we get in our own way, saying something, doing something, presetting the outcome, co-creating our fates. And actually I am having a bad hair day, and I am not sure what the hell "dimention" is.


7:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Di" from the Greek for "two" and "mention" to "refer to" puttumaltogether and whaddya got?
Mentioning something twice.
............B. Bobbityboo

9:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Y'all, again:

Miss E probably has not responded because she didn't know if the hair you praised was hers or someone else's. If it was someone else's watch out for another complaint of "sexual harassment"; the Cuckucks at 2nd & Union aren't the only loonies in The Peoples Republik of Seattle!!

Butch: I forgot what I wanted to comment on your comment by the time I finished reading your comment.

-- Anonomann

2:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonomann writes further:
(1) Whose hair do you praise????
(2) An excellent blog on sexual harassment and exploitation of sexuality is contained in the blog for 25 Sept. under the title "XES".

Tschüß, -- Anonomann

2:41 AM  

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