Monday, October 22, 2007

Scenic Wonderland 4th movement

There is lots of water in a rain forest.

It seems to want to seek it's own level

As do we all, I suppose

Not really near Lake Quinault,
but a nice picture anyway

Back in my own back yard
here in Rainier Beach it is just as beautiful
and wild.

Today is a nice sunny one.

I'm going to have to get a bike ride in today,
if it's just to the bank.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Foto-Lane!
Your pics of the Olympics and your yard are fantastic!!
The LL loved what she saw in the Olympics @ Hurricane Ridge, she'd also love what you saw and snapped!
She, of course, sends regards (wie ich auch) to you, Meredith, and Keth.
She also wonders: Do Meredith and/or Keth plan to come to Deutschland this year?? The weather is getting slowly worse (=wintery), but you are always welcome. The weather will be better in April; it is best in late September/early October. Now, it is sunny and Temp. in lower 40s Fahrenheit.

1:47 AM  
Blogger butch said...

I suppose you and Meredith have been up to the end of the road in the Ho Rain Forest. The turn off is between Quinault and Klalock. There is something so fecund and primeval in all that moss growing on everything, something that takes us back to our swamp days before we experienced our tree days and than cave days.

I, as a kid, was weaned on the Cascade experience, hiking, camping, driving through constantly. Until a few decades ago, the entire Olympic pennisula was a mystery to me. It is sad now that I can no longer hike, and so cannot penetrate the heart of the park, and get into those delicious mountains. Nor can I hike the five miles out to the ocean beaches and sea stacks at Lake Ozette, which I would dearly love to do.

Yes, as carbon based units made up of like 85% water, we are wet natel creatures that are infleunced by the tides and the lunar cycles. It pulls us this way and that, like so much flotsam. When we consider the power of our own spiritual entity, it is odd to be harnessed in these easily broken husks we call our bodies; such imperfect design factors. I have supreme sadness when I realize that we do not have access to most of our brain power, that whatever intellect we muster is a drop of sweat on God's ass, a grain of sand on Long Beach, a knat in a flock of eagles. Add to that the anguish of beginning to experience CRS in my sixties (can't remember shit), and you have a scenario of sorrow that can be eradicated by a sunny day, a bike ride, a great meal, or a good movie, or chocolate in any form.

Meredith should be complimented on her photography; good composition, great eye. It certainly puts us all there with you two. All these trips to the Oregon shore, have you ever gone on a trek to find those infamous WPA Oregon covered bridges? That can be fun too. They are marked on Oregon maps.


5:38 AM  

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