Saturday, October 20, 2007

Rainier Symphony

Tonight we got to hear the Rainier Symphony.
Sister and Brother in law are going with us.
I put a new link on the site, "pageflakes" it's sort of an index of classical music blog sites.
Norman Lebrecht is in trouble for something he wrote about some record company.
I can sympathize.
At least he knows what the complaint is.
The only interaction I've ever had with that industry is the time in '65 when I picked the pebbles out of the tread of a Columbia exec's Pegaso.
Mr Lebrecht is accused of failure to check facts. Whooof! meat and potatoes to this site, eh?
The spine of this literary obscenity, this blot on the electronic etherworld, is my ignorance and incompetence.

Go with your strengths.

I've been reading about emotional reactions to music on other sites.
My wife has emotional reactions to music. I don't exactly understand that sort of thing, especially in public.

Sometimes Beethoven raises a giggle.

My main emotional reaction to even being in public is paranoia.
Which, as far as I'm concerned is rational fear considering the treatment I got for having the temerity to actually like one of SSO's employees.
I like all of them, actually.
Even the one I saw at Caffe Ladro last Wed.
The bear, not the singer.

Anyway, I suppose it's my job to consider all other composers "competition" and all other music "inferior" to the stuff I will eventually write as soon as I get the hang of it.
I go to concerts to study music, sort of like that little German spy on "Laugh-in" hiding with his spyglasses behind the foliage.
"Weeyry eenterestink, but a plagal cadence in the mediant? Pfui!"
Not that I actually know what those musical terms actually mean.
"Just making it up as I goes along". (from Finnegans Wake by James Joyce)
Wonderful article in New Yorker about bloggers esp our beloved "Think Denk"
Jeremy has it linked, if you don't get the magazine itself.
Ho humm....... what else?

The enthusiasm on those other sites has me quite exhausted. I'd better go now and rest up for tonight's concert.

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Blogger Lane Savant said...

I meant get to hear, although by now (the next day) it is got

11:34 AM  
Blogger butch said...

I know you have attended Rainier Symphony before, but I like to check into things:
Founded in 1981 as a non-profit - 501(c)(3) - corporation, the Rainier Symphony has focused on providing talented local musicians the opportunity to perform great classical music in South King County.
Foster Performing Arts Center

The Foster Performing Arts Center is a true gem and asset for Tukwila and South King County. The Rainier Symphony is proud to rehearse weekly in this hall besides performing there five times per year.

This 550 seat performing arts center located in Tukwila provides a wonderful place for Rainier Symphony musicians to perform and the audience to enjoy great music. With comfortable seating and great acoustics, it provides a relaxed environment to enjoy the talented musicians that make up the Rainier Symphony.

Renton IKEA Performing Arts Center

The Renton IKEA Performing Arts Center is celebrating its first year and the Rainier Symphony is the first Symphony Orchestra to perform in this wonderful addition to South King County.

This 550 seat performing arts center located in downtown Renton provides a wonderful place for Rainier Symphony musicians to perform and the audience to enjoy great music. With comfortable seating and great acoustics, it provides a relaxed environment to enjoy the talented musicians that make up the Rainier Symphony.

The center, designed by Northwest Architectural Co., and developed with the support and funding of the community is a showpiece for the city of Renton. The center also incorporates local history as three Renton High School alumni placed an original brick cornerstone from the 1911 Renton High building on the foundation of the new performing arts center.

The Rainier Symphony is made up of 80 talented volunteer musicians from all walks of life - from engineers to software developers to teaching professionals to music instructors. All members of the Rainier Symphony share a love of music and the desire to bring affordable, great classical music to South King County.

Checking facts is my bread and butter, and thusly yours too, sir.
Of course you are too humble when you share that you are either ignorant or incompetent. It is like Einstein calling himself a Dummy. To bitch slap your own creation is subtle too, "literary obscenity" and "blot on the electronic netherworld" are quite colorful ways of describing FFTL.

I have talked to you a bit about emotional reactions to music, that somehow certain chord patterns, or vibrations (for me it is the string instruments) unlock the emotions. That is why, of coure, a movie has a musical score--to play our emotions, to set up scenes, and sustain our interest. To express emotion in public is not much different from expressing emotion in private. It has to do with being in touch with your inner self. An artist, such as yourself, should undertand this concept. There is a bit of your heart and soul in all of your compositions, just like there used to be in your built by hand cars and now your musical instruments.
I suppose there is even more paranoia about being in public now than ever. Perhaps it has something to do with getting older, or perhaps it has something to do with 9 year old punks carrying Glocks. Listen to, respond to your paranoia, and know that fear can be a good thing, a thing of safety. For a paranoid you certainly do spend a lot of time at concerts, cafes, bars, and public streets, and of course on city buses.

Being a blogger does give you some kind of "status" I suppose. And with FFTL, I get to stay in touch with your life, and your various states of mind --and I get to sound off and shove my perspective out into the world as well. God bless bloggers, and God save Lane Savant, classical music, and homemade violins.

Perhaps as you peruse the other blogs, and check out the musical news and national news, you just get fatigued from the sensory overload. It can be overwhelming.

While you were changing your shorts and running a wet comb through your hair, I was right in the middle of a game of "Apples to Apples" out there at Pac Beach, surrounded by family and friends, celebrating Melva's birthday, and her 4th annual bash. It all went off well, and she was pleased and smiling with all the attention and adoration. She read aloud one of the cards I wrote to her, and I ended up crying in front of the assemblage. Old men get emotional easily I am beginning to realize. When we returned home, our basement was still dry (Christ, it is going to cost 2,676.00 bucks to put in a seconed sump pump). We picked up my Isuzu pick up on the way back. It was at my mechanics, sitting quietly locked up with a tune up and brake job bill in it for $664.00. Man, inflation is an ass buster, ain't it?


7:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Y'all (ich kann auch englischer Mundart (Mundart= slang)!

I'm glad there is sooooo much musical life outside of The Cuckucks' Nest!!
The IKEA Performance Hall sounds like a great venue!!
Many amateur musicians are better than the professionals, but know they can make more money as doctors, engineers, programmers, and liars than as musicians. When I lived in Frankfurt a.M., I attended concerts by such an orchestra that out-performed the city's profi orchestra.
Thanks, Butch for your histories of the Rainier Symphony and IKEA Hall.

2:25 AM  

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