Saturday, October 27, 2007


Embarrassed by the measly 5 mi run on, when, Tuesday, no Monday I took off yesterday to do at least 10 Accidentally talked myself into going ar0und Lk. Wash, clockwise this time.
50.3 mi. 5hr, 48 min, 49 sec. 8.6 mi avg 33,8 max.
I am not well, my sense of balance is off. I keep falling over.
I'm going back to bed and hope I am stable enough to go to the opera tonight.


Blogger butch said...

Anything in the realm of 50 miles is hot stuff, biker boy. And almost 34mph on those downhill runs, wow. Kind of brings to mind those great scenes in BREAKING AWAY (1979), when Dennis Christopher was out there on the freeway clipping along over 50mph. Quite the sight, and it has to be dangerous as hell.

Reviewing my last comment, I do sound like I am whinning a bit, hoping to get some attention from the Sensi. I do not want to come across as so desparate for attention, so petulant, so egocentric --but hey, you give your readers and your respondants the false impression that we are in a select group, the Lane Savant and Doug Palmer Appreciation Club --and that being so, we get the false notion often that when we post our comments that we are speaking directly with you and to you. But that is not your style actually, and I need to let go of my archaic notions of communication, and just live with whatever crumbs come our way.

Melva popped a few bucks extra and will get an earlier plane home tonight. I will pick her up at Sea Tac at 6:30pm. I think she enjoyed playing with the guide dogs in White Plains.

I did push myself a bit and on Friday night I made it to the Grand Theater and watched first THE DARJEELING LIMITED, which was Wes Anderson's apex film, terrific for me. The I went the internet cafe next door and knocked down a great sandwich and soup, and used the computers for 1.5 hours until the next movie came on. The soup was Jamacian black bean, and it was very creamy with the hint of curry; excellent and exotic to my jaded Merican palate. Then I returned to the theater and watched Sean Penn's new epic drama, INTO THE WILD, based on a true story, it emerges as a cross between GRIZZLY MAN and REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE. Nothing resonates more than a reflection of truth, no matter how bizarre it may seem to the rest of us. It is a very powerful and sad film. Saturday I rose up early enough to get to South Hill to watch ELIZABETH: THE GOLDEN AGE, with Cate Blanchett, Geoffrey Rush, and Clive Owens. It, too, was very good, albeit plodding and slow at times; perhaps not as well written as it might have been. Showtimes mini-series THE TUDORS is better. Where is Robert Bolt when you need him? Then I suffered through George Clooney in MICHAEL CLAYTON, a sprawling legal and corporate drama whose plot leaps about willy nilly, challenging us to keep up. Tom Wilkinson was excellent in it. Likewise Sydney Pollack and Tilda Swinson. There is a sameness about Clooney that is beginning to fatigue me, like watching the reincarnation of Lee Majors. He is better in comedy for some reason. Last night I was invited to some friend's home for a Halloween party. Coming in hot from the flicks I wore no costume. Many others did dress for dinner. My pal Shane Shier spent 24 hours slaving over some pork butt, and we had pulled pork to die for, following up by huge homemade pumpkin pies and mountains of cool whip. Another evening up till after midnight.

Today, because I will lie low and hunker down and rest and rewatch MEMENTO, that is being discussed on the Tacoma Film Club annex blog. I was going to rush out and see more movies, but I need to save some of them to watch with Melva; or she will fuss and want to kick my ass.

Your dizziness or lack of balance sounds like an inner ear problem. We all know that you "are not well,", sir, but that is one of your great strengths and charms. As to combating some virus or other, we all wish you good luck and God speed on eraticating it, exorcising it, and surrendering to it, letting it have its way with you. Those pesky virusus cannot be medically fought, unless they lead to some kind of infection. One of the great sadnesses of our age. Cancer is king, and viruses can run roughshod amongst us without interference. Makes us into victims.

I do hope you made it to the Opera, and that you share the experience soon.


11:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like a sonambulant prelude to a soporiphic opera.
-- Anonomann

3:59 AM  

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