Tuesday, September 04, 2007


is the last day of the first of your life.
I've got a new (used)computer. Keth and I are setting it up, well, Keth is, I just stand around and fret.
I am going to ride today, more odometer check.
I know I've promised this before and failed to deliver, so I wouldn't place any bets.
The intentions of the best of us (a group to which I do not belong) are aft ganging a gley. I'm so glad my ancestors came to this country.
So, once again our brief union is rent asunder by the exigencies of a cruel fate.

As bugs bunny once said.......'bye



Blogger butch said...

"So,once again our brief union is rent asunder by the exigencies of a cruel fate." Again, fine sir, this is wordsmithing done to the tenth power. I love it.
Exigent: Requiring immediate aid and or action.
I will start using the term immediately. FFTL is a vocabulary builder, as well as a history lesson, a metaphysical romp, and philosophical miasma; a place rife with simile, poetry, rudeness, terrible truth and flat assed lies. Now it is a biker's blog too as Lane Savant put the flesh to the metal, and pumps his guts out and his ass off. We stand on the sidelines, sir, cheering you on. You still have not shared what kind of bike gear you wear. What color is your helmet; red and blue comes to mind, but certainly not green. You would never be a "green" rider.

It was strange calling you yesterday and getting Keth on the phone and mistaking him for you. It is the first time I have talked with him. I confused the hell out of him, and myself; a complicated hive of activity there in the Palmer hacienda.

Bugs said,"What's up Doc?" most of the time, and you certainly do focus on the world of "Whassup?", and we all stand on one foot waiting for those words of wisdom, that bard of sarcasm, that drop of dour wit, that self pity sprinkled with self ingrandisement. Love it.


6:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "Lovely Librarian" (she doesn't want me to use her real name; hope I remember) and I love your "Today" and "Holländer" blogs!!
-- Anonomann (+ LL).

9:36 AM  

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