Monday, August 20, 2007

Feel free to yawn

It has turned muggy, overcast, and damp. I realise that many of you believe the stereotype of Seattle weather, but it has been nice and sunny for a few weeks.
I still plan to take the bike trip. It will have to be a day that I wake up in time.
Dreary weather promotes sleepy. Yawn!
When one blogs every day, which I don't, one runs the risk of boring one's audience,
It is your prerogative, of course, to read or not read.
I would prefer to provide exciting glimpses into a fabulously busy and meaningful life. If I ever find one, I will be sure to let you know. The truth is that I am a bit bored myself.
Sometimes boredom masks excitement. You yawn to cover feeling like leaving a party.
It is somewhat like laughter, semi uncontrollable and not always pertinate to the situation.
So what would be my excitement in that theory? I'm beginning to feel that my music is getting good. I'm contacting musicians to have it performed. The Composers Salon is moving to a different venue (one from which I have yet to be 86'd)
Where might all this lead?
But time drags on so slowly. It's a month and a half before the next Salon. three and a half before the one after that.
I havn't heard back from two of the violinists I've written to. Tension mounts. YAWWWWN!
'scuse me, lemmesee, where was I?
I have been visiting other sites and leaving stupid little jokoid comments
I beg your pardon, other sites. That is I would beg your pardon if I were not too proud to beg.
You see? That's the sort of thing I consider to be humerous. But don't worry, I'm not dangerous.

I am about to spend a few hours editing the score for the violin duet, then work on fitting the kitchen cabinetry.

Hope your lottery numbers work for ya!



Blogger Lane Savant said...

Remind me to call Zak one of these days, will ya?

10:37 AM  
Blogger butch said...

Melva and I drove southeast toward Mt. Rainier on Saturday, down Skate Creek to Packwood to get a pizza at the Cruiser Tavern, and then could not swing back to 410. It is closed off. So we had to drive east to west over Mt. Rainier from Sunrise to Paradise and down to Longmire. Paradise Lodge is in the middle of reconstruction. There are building a new visitor's center as well. So the parking lot is cut down by 80% and they are running shuttles up there so people can see the mountain at all. It was raining pretty hard, and the temps were in the 40's. God, it surely felt like October. All the way home it felt like we had lost a month or two. Weather should not click off so much emotion in us all, but it seems to. Melva and I are taking Friday, 8/31 off so that we can enjoy a 4 day weekend over Labor Day. I know this means very little to you retired types, but it is the breath of life for we wage slaves. We will go to Pac Beach Thursday night, and stay two nights. Probably the weather will be for shit, but we just love spending time out there at the ocean. Something about that salt in the air. As to dreary weather, well it can promote more indoor recreation, more reading, more viewing of movies, more social and sexual intercourse. Get over it, world!

Yawning is still a bit of a mystery for me. It physiologically is a mechanism to promote more O2 to your brain. And it usually triggers nap time, or sleepiness, or couch potato time. It certainly can be considered rude to whip one off in other's presence. It can mean different things to the lower animal kingdom as well. Watch apes and dogs and cats yawn. It signals many things to the pack, to the group.

It is such a joy to read that you are beginning to have faith in your music, your compositions. If Sir Paul McCartney can do it, why not Lane Savant? How great that the Composer's Salon has now found a new home, and you will be allowed to participate. When you finally gather together some fiddlers three, and excite the air with your Palmer vibrations, your language of strings --something good will happen. I just feel it.

It is nice to know that besides being the Blogmaster on FFTL, you are mischievous enough to dink around on other people's blogs and websites. If your humor on those sites rivals the humor you exhibit on your own site, then perhaps it is a form of civic enrichment, sir.

hope the cabinets turn out bitchin, and good luck on the editing. I quit buying lottery tickets after 20 years of terrible disappointment. But after a lay off of several years, Melva and I are considering going back into the wish fulfillment business again, and get suckering into the gambling fever. By the way, who the hell is Zak?


5:52 AM  
Blogger butch said...


I have heard
That Zak
Will cut you no slack,
But will keep you on track.

You know
I doubt that he is black,
Or the leader of the pack,
Or that he has the knack,
Or that his physician is a quack,
Or that he sports a rack,
Or he puts his religion in a sack,
Or that his middle name is Jack,
Or that he’s sharp as a tack,
Or that his cheeks need a whack,
Or that his truck is a Mack,
With black smoke coming from the Stack,
Or that he holidays in Iraq.

But I am certain
That Zak
Is many things
To many people,
And that it is imperative
For you to contact
His hind quarters.

So get back,
And contact
And that’s a fact,
Or not.
Isn’t poetry Mirac-

Glenn Buttkus 2007

11:35 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

Thanks for the reminder, Butch.
Zak is a pianist who has been trying to learn the score for my "12 Variations on a Fake Folk Song"
Ann Cummings reccomended him, I have yet to meet him.

3:54 PM  

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