Saturday, September 01, 2007


nothing happened today nothing happened yesterday took the vespa to the shop for a scheduled service ate a pizza at stellars drank a guinness at stellars fell asleep reading a semi fundamental mystery book watched barefoot contessa on the teevee i want to go for a ride now if i felt anything at all it would be a profound love for all of you lovely people music seems lame today wish something exciting would happen hope something exciting doesnt happen hope the most debilitating of drugs need a haircut if a thing like that could be classified as need goodbye


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sat. (1 Sept.) was a very exciting day for us, however!! I temporarily lost the non-wallet in which I keep small amounts of money for small needs (most of the paper money I keep elsewhere on me) in the train station while making seat reservations for our return trip on Sunday, when German trains are full of students returning from weekends at home (mostly so parents can do their laundry and be pumped for more spending money). A very nice non-German (possiblt Turkish) woman found it and returned it to me (and was rewarded for her honesty); then we had a looooong walk with our rolling luggage to the one affrodable hotel in Münster; it is a Catholic (which neither Margrit nor I are) hospice at the edge of town; running water is at the end of the hall, but for one night that's no problem for us.
A very nice woman from Berlin was also at the hotel to attend the opening of "König Artur" and offered to drive us to the theater, which we appreciated; she is also a very interesting conversationalist, so we intend to keep in contact with her, as we are often in Berlin and she would like to come to Schwerin for some performances.
Opening night went VERY well (more about it in my aprt of your 2 Sept. blog). Also greetings there, so

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Blogger butch said...

like Anonomann, Saturday was eventful for me yesterday my sore throat was worse, made my teeth and cheek sinuses hurt and my ears, and I could barely talk, and as you well know that is unacceptable to me so I found a walk-in medical clinic near the Sheriff's sub-station in Copalis, and of course Group Health does not cover it or have a contract with any medical facility in Gray's Harbor County, the sombitches, and it cost me $178 out of pocket to see Dr. Wipple much later in the afternoon and he took a throat culture and turns out I did not have Strep which I suspected but rather a "fungal infection" secondary to using my steriod inhaler becuz my stupid immune system is haywire so he prescribed huge bad tasting lozenges that one must not swallow, but must put them on your tongue and wait 30 minutes for them to melt as they coat your throat and then not drink any sort of liquids for an hours, ugh, but after only being able to afford one week's worth at pharmacy in Ocean Shores I did discover to my delight that the damned things work,and my sore throat is manageable, and we did hit the beach there at Pac Beach several times and went to see De Niro in STARDUST in Ocean Shores in between medical appointments and a crappy dinner at a Chinese joint there in town, and De Niro was a scream as a gay pirate of a sky ship and the movie is a cute fairy tale, much better than suggested by stupid film critics, and we got to stay in the same room at Pac Beach Resort instead of having to move on the second day as originally told and we bought a book that list military housing all over the world and to our chagrin we found that ONLY the resort at Pac Beach welcomes civil servants as well as military types which really chapped my butt oh yeah, and then we drove in the sunbreaks up to Kalalock Lodge and spent some time on Ruby Beach which has delightful huge sea stacks near it and stopped in Forks and had an ice cream for lunch and made it to Crescent Lake Lodge by Saturday night for our one night's stay at the ridiculous rate of $176 per night for a dinky assed room with no TV, no fridge, no microwave, and no phone, and the housekeeping was for shit, causing Melva to bitch at the staff in the morning since her sheets smelled like old feet although my sheets were fine, but my sore throat kept me up half the night, and the over priced dinner we had the night before did not sit well on my old tummy and then it was Sunday and we headed home to have a great breakfast in a cafe called Gwennie's in Seqieum, which is an extension of the cafe of the same name in Anchorage, AK, which we had eaten at once while up there over a Fourth of July weekend many years ago, and soon we found ourselves paying 3 bucks to drive over the new toll bridge over the Tacoma Narrows and it was home again, home again.


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