Friday, August 17, 2007

Wedding day

Today we go to Hope Island Inn at La Conner for the wedding of Garann Means, my Brother in law, Jeremy's, daughter. This will happen at 4 O'clock, so I have time to do this.
Soooo.....The scooter runs fine again. Or, at least, it did yesterday. Who cares about today?
Speaking of dreams; this mornings (Is there a full moon or something?) was about a a museum display of musical instruments. When the show was about to close, some musicians I know came in and started destroying the display. Apparently, this was a part of the show.
I did not participate in the distruction.
I have no idea why.
Oh yeah, yesterday, after I had cleaned the little farting tin can's carburetor and drained it's oil and changed it's filter and installed the suspect part, I found that I did not have the proper grade of oil for the finicky little bugger
I decided to bike to B&B auto parts for the stuff.
The trip out was fine (it's only five miles our so)(and flat). But, on the way back I decided to take the road up the hill through Skyway. It is a long hill. Maybe not for Lance Armstrong but definately for me.
Whoof!....Makes me wonder about this proposed 60 mile loop through Black Diamond.

Check the papers on monday;

Bicyclist Explodes

A Seattle bicyclist exploded Saturday (or maybe Sunday) on the interurban trail just a little north of Auburn.
His wife claims that "he never had a sick day in his life" (but what does she know?)

"He blowed up real good", accordion to witnesses.

He will be mist.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope you had a good trip to La Connor and back and an enjoyable bikle ride with a minimum of hills to Black Diamond and back, as your name is Lane and not Lance and you're not on steroids.

About the instrument blow-up: Could the musicians have been SeaSymphers starting/continuing the revolution against Emperor Jerry's "divide-and-conquer" strategy of having four cioncert masters so no one will be in a sufficient position of power to challenge him???
I wonder what M Bargreen and RN Campbell think inwardly about this black (Schwarz is black in German) power move by Emperor G??


3:02 PM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

The trip got canceled. I overindulged at the wedding. Drank too much coffee and stayed up all night. I should stick to Guinness, at least I'd get some rest.
I suppose dreams reveal what or who you really care about, rather than what you feel safe with.

1:58 PM  
Blogger butch said...

Gee, if you can't go to your brother-in-law's daughter's wedding,(is she your neice-in-law?), and overindulge on rich foods, caffeine and booze, then what the hell is all about? Good on you for partying, and too bad the monster bike ride did not happen.

The Hope Island Inn is located near the tulip fields of La Conner, Washington offering an enchanting back-drop for that perfect wedding.

The Inn is surrounded by water and offers a panoramic view of the north Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountain range.

Celebrate the beginning of your life together at Hope Island Inn. Hope Island Inn's splendid marriage of facilities and attention to detail makes planning your event worry free. From an intimate gathering to a grand celebration with all of your family and friends, the Hope Island Inn is the ideal location for the perfect wedding reception.

A romantic courtship that begins the love of a lifetime shouldn't start just anywhere. Hope Island Inn for your wedding.

Man, you are making me want to dig out a book on Dream Analysis and get to the bottom of your delicious nocturnal meanderings. At least you were passive in the dream, and watched other musicians destroy the instruments. The tradition of destroying instruments has always baffled me, like the British rock groups did in the 60's. Violence married to music, sex, and rock n' roll. Some kind of deep shit here, but I can't put my finger on it; nor do I want to with latex gloves on.

Gee, to label the wonder that is a Vespa a "farting tin can" is pretty audacious. Yeah, that hill to Skyway can be a bear, even in an old junker car. Are you really going to give it a go for the STP next year? So maybe a taste of a real incline did give you second and third thoughts about the long loop to Black Diamond and back. Although the Maple Valley highway is fairly flat and picturesque. Remember the old Aqua Barn Ranch where Kristi used to rent horses, and hang out a lot as an adolescent? She made that saddle while enraptured with the place, and then had to sell it one of the times she lived in Silverlake area of LA.

I wonder if you are referring to the very real possibility of spontaneous combustion for the "bicyclist"? Now that would be new worthy, kind of an X-FILES event. By the by, some day we will all be a form of "mist"; pretty clever of you to note it, and to use it in more than one sense. Yeah, the note from the "wife" is right on in its bogusity, for those of us who have known you the longest know that you have always been a "sick" man, even though you have not wasted much money on physicians. It is a tough call, that one.

I keep having dreams where my environment changes, and I get lost, or I cannot find a functional toilet, in any building or business, so I piss on the wall and get busted for indecent exposure, and nobody seems to care. Many of my dreams lately have been pictorial representations of whatever film I have just seen, or whatever book I am currently reading. It is kind of cool to just pick up and become part of the storylines.

Melva has returned triumphant from Portugal, Spain, and England, bearing gifts and sporting a tan. It was a long two weeks without her. I guess I am morphing into a pitiful old man who needs looking after. The conversations I had with my dog and cat just did not fully satiate my communication needs. While she was gone, I bought a bookcase she didn't like, so she moved it into the back bedroom. I needed more room for my DVD's downstairs.


6:42 AM  

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