Thursday, September 20, 2007


It's turning cold. Put the quilt my wife made for me on my bed. Days are getting shorter. It's dark when I get up. Time to go back to school. Time to go back to work.
Time to tend to the harvest. Time to prepare for the winter festivals and celebrations. Time for the depressions, the blues, and all the res mortae that the change in weather brings up. I've picked up some kind of head cold that is stuffing up my nose and my ears a bit, very minor thing, but my mind wants to sleep. All the rest of myself wants to sleep too. My ability to make a joke out of all this rests in the bed my body left two hours ago.
Maybe later.
Maybe later.

Hah, I was about to log off, when I got a message that one "wr" wanted to talk to me.
I checked the site and found a picture of a hot looking young woman who told me

What a pity I've outlived my sex life. I guess I'll never get a chance to either Garb or Holf.

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Blogger butch said...

Yes, rising as I do at 3am, and heading to work at 04:30am, or as my wife puts it,"O-Dark-30", I can assure you that the Indian Summer was fleeting, and has fled. It was 37 degrees yesterday morning, even though it was overcast and 50 degrees this morning. I have shifted to thicker night clothes, and replaced my summer jacket with one of my winter jackets. Time for those lovely quilts, sweaters, scarves, gloves, and soon God help us, ice scrapers, and snow warnings. Ah, those seasons are a'changing.

I think think there is a medical, or psychological term for the gray sky Fall blahs, those depressions that are very real to some folks. I think there is even a rise in suicides during that period. I was always shocked every time I saw stats showing that the Northwest has high suicide rates. It has always been my home, and gray is just the color of the day. Gray can be good. Often it means indoor recreation, more reading, more viewing of movies, more time for research and writing, more time to make love to your wife. Blast the blues with bursts of creativity I say.

With the sudden shift from 80 degrees to gray blah and shivver city, a lot of folks do get colds. Sorry to hear that at this moment, Sir Savant is one of them. Interesting statement of yours,"my mind wants to sleep." Usually it is the other way around, the body wants to sleep and the mind just wants to keep on keeping on; which actually it does with dreams, worries, and cortical games. Metaphysically it is assumed that sleep is the time when we leave our husks, our bodies, and travel astrically or astrially, you know the spirit speedo stuff. It bothers the hell out of me that as I age I do not remember vividly my dreams. As a younger Turk, I had such good recall that I remembered the reoccuring places that many of the dreams happened in, cities, houses, jobs that I have never been in, or seen, or done, but within which I constantly find myself in the dream world --bringing to mind the whole quandry about reality, and which world is the more real, or am I just something or someone that shows up in your dreams, or vica versa?

You, sir, are a nap person. There are a lot of you out there, looking for the refreshment, the rejuvination of a cat nap. Whenever I attempt to emulate you, I awake with a headache, a cranky streak, and then my sleep cycle is broken, and I cannot easily fall asleep later in the evening as I should, and I need to. That brings up the whole issue of insomnia. The film THE MACHINIST that the TFC discussed recently is about a man who believes he hasn't slept in over a year. He does sleep in 3-4 minute sections, every time he sits down, but does not remember it. When I was in the midst, the heat of writing either of my two novel manuscripts back during the Korean War, or was it the Spanish American War, I remember the joy and frustration of working for 30 hours straight, and then crashing out for 12 hours, to rise and get back to it, and the fact that it was night or day was irrelevant. I would like to dip back into that pool again.
Maybe later. Maybe later.

Beware of those emails or websites that titilate or seduce you into clicking on them. Often they are corrupt with viruses, and they can start a chain reaction in your computer that will ultimately shut down the hard drive. One computer geek recently said when asked what was wrong with a sick computer he was working on, he responded with,"The hard drive was clogged up with tits and asses." I wonder though what it would be like to be Garbed or Holfed?


6:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Butch & Lane!

It's good to read Butch on Butch, rather than his usual cut & pasted copies of an encyclopedia!! Thanks!!
By the way, the "Wikipedia" is not always omniscient or accurate; it says the German city of Pasewalk was/is a Hansa City; Pasewalk NEVER was!! A friend asked us to check this out, which we did.

Like me, Lane, you have reached retirement age; this means we have a license to sleep when ever our mind or body says it wants to sleep, so don't fight your mind/body when it says it wants a break!!

One does NOT out-live one's sex life, I have discovered. The LL has revived mine, so that I was hornier at 71 than at 17 and am now even more so at 72, but the Internet does not seem the best place for this; as Butch says, it could give your computer a worse "cold" than whatever caused your malaise.

Of course, the LL would be mad that I wrote the above as being too personal about us, but I did write LL as required, not her real name. She would NOT be angry if I gave her regards to you Meredith, and Keth, so I'll do that here as penance.


1:55 AM  

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