Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Shopping lists

Here's a new link. It's to David Mesler's site. David is the composition teacher I've told you about. Great guy, Great teacher, Great Music. Check 'im out!

  • David Mesler

  • Other than that, It's been a quiet day here in lake Washbeside. After checking out my usual suspect sites, I realized that I hadn't had breakfast, so I went to my old neighborhood for a waffle, sausage, bacon, and egg plate at the Queen Anne Cafe.
    I know, My brother in law just had surgery for a clogged artery, but What'm I gonna do?
    While I was there I walked across the street to the local Safeway and bought, milk,lemon juice, chicken breasts, chicken thighs, shrimp (that's for tonight), cheerios, wheat chex, 6 assorted freezer bags of heat and serve pasta dinners (Bertolli).
    You think J.Denk's life is exciting?

    Hasn't a patch.


    Blogger butch said...

    That's a great mugshot he uses on his site.

    David Paul Mesler is a multi-genre artist whose ensembles play over 125 dates a year. An award-winning pianist and Emmy-nominated composer, David uses his classical training and 25 years as a professional jazz musician to explore jazz-classical hybrids in unconventional and dramatic ways. Virtuosic in the extreme, versatile in the extreme, and consistently inspired, David is now considered Northwest piano royalty and has been compared favorably to McCoy Tyner, Keith Jarrett, Cecil Taylor, Ahmad Jamal, Thelonius Monk, Oscar Peterson, Art Tatum, and Bud Powell.

    David is currently on the music faculty of Seattle Central Community College where he teaches piano, voice, and composition and conducts both the Pop Vocal Ensemble and the New Music Ensemble. David's students have gone on to pursue music careers in Prague, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Korea, China, Switzerland, Sweden, and in many of the United States.

    So I guess that means as one of his students, you will be spending some time in exotic places soon, listening to others play your compositions?

    I can't remember, is the QUEEN ANNE CAFE on top of the hill, right there across from Safeway, always busy as hell? Or is over on the north side, or at the base below the counter balance? Perhaps another lifetime or so ago, you and I ate at that joint. I just kind of remember a very busy cafe, with lots of good food and college coeds for waitresses.

    As to clogged arteries, hell, just keeping pumping Fidelio, and a hunk of cholesterol wouldn't dare lodge itself in your arteries. Wasn't that a long ways from your place by the lake all the way over to Queen Anne Hill? Did you have business at one of your rentals?

    J. Denk ain't got a thing on you big boy, not a thing. I get to go home now and crank up my George Forman grill, and thaw out some beef steaks, and whip up some fresh salads, and wait for Melva to get back from Curves all sweaty and hungry.


    3:32 PM  
    Blogger Lane Savant said...

    Queen Anne Cafe is on the north end of the hill. I think it used to be Burnie's just around the corner on Boston. Where the laundromat is now.
    I like my old neighborhood, When I bought there, I intended to stay. C'est la vie.
    Que sera, sera.
    Quod Fiat, Fiat,
    You know what FIATs are like.
    Muss, es ist Muss I'm punting on that one. Perhaps anonomann can straighten it out.
    I's a Beethoven reference.
    I'm trying to find the Chopin prelude, (maybe it's an etude, I dunno)

    3:42 PM  
    Blogger butch said...

    Yeah, Queen Anne Hill was and is a lot cooler than Capitol Hill I have always thought. It was great all those years when you lived there, for the gang to visit, and even for some of us to move into your pad at various times. Then of course your mother built that apartment on top of it, and it became a bit more exotic. When Kristi and I rented that place over along Aurora, walking distance from the Seattle Center, and my job as the Seattle Rep, and a short commute to UofW for BFA acting classes, yup, those were some halcyon days. I was a hot shit actor, and by damn I was going to set the world on fire with my talent, with my mere presence. What a huge cosmic joke. About all my "career" did for me was set my own ass on fire with anger, resentment, and ire.

    One summer I did a summer job at Community Servies for the Blind, when it was housed in the old KIRO building on top of the hill. Little did I know then that special education would trump my career as an artist, a writer, an actor, that I would spend 33 years doing it, and slog back to college at Cal State LA and get my MA.

    Que Sera Sera was that hokey song done by Doris Day, remember? A big hit at the time mid 50's, just after Eddie Fisher made a hit out of Oh My Papa. Or was it Frankie Laine doing GHOST RIDERS IN THE SKY ? Doris Day, they say, was always so insecure about her talent, that it was hard to work with her. That never showed up on film. I saw a show about Norman Jewison recently. He had directed her in the early 60's.

    Hey, did you dig my responses to your new music? I did enjoy hearing the latest Savant/Palmer opus's.


    5:51 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    This time when I clicked on "David Mesler as you suggested, the computer didn't tell me "nicht gefunden" as it did with "The Story", but took me to David. He has QUITE a "bio"!!! Did he study with my high school contemporary Daniel Pollack while at USC??
    David's "Venues & Clients" did not list coming concerts. When I'm in SeaCity, I'd love to attend some, especially jazz ones; as I suspect you'd also like to attend them, I'd appreciate attending with you.

    How did you get all those gourmet goodies from Safeway to the tip of Redwing on your bike?? Speaking of Redwing, the LL (and I) send our regards to you, Meredith, Keth, and cats.

    -- Anonomann

    9:14 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hallo, Lane, again:

    You did not answer my question as to whether David Mesler studied with Daniel Pollack, who was (maybe still is) Professor of Piano at USC. He was a high school contemporary of mine, who still comes to the piano shop near Macy's in Seattle to judge piano contests, in case Daviid wants to meet him again.

    -- Anonomann

    2:11 AM  
    Blogger Lane Savant said...

    I'll see David tomorrow. I'll ask him then.

    9:07 AM  

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