Monday, September 17, 2007

New MP3's

Check out the latest from the pen (keyboard) of yours truely.
Violin Duet is the piece I need the violinists for.
"Mask" I have no idea where that working title came from
"Shotglass" I am even more befuddled as to the genesis of that one.
I will make today's post short, gotta work on the cabinets.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Again, have you tried to get Rennie as one of your violinists??
If you haven't then why not??
Best wishes in finding your violinists!!
-- Anonomann

1:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

(Anonomann, again)
I did find yĆ³ur Sep. 2006 Blog; thanks!!
I did not find any link to "Talvi Agoniste" or "Chutzpa"; how do I get to these?? Help, please.
-- Anonomann

2:29 AM  
Blogger butch said...

The Violin Duet certainly does go places strings have feared to pluck. At 5:31 it gives one a nice smack of Savant, peppered with Palmer. I know you get fatigued with my rather constant references to the metaphysical, but hey, there it is. I have always read where this is the only plane of existance where music is not in the air perpetually. That when we entities create any sort of music down here, all we are doing is "tuning in" to the cosmic energy, that hackneyed "music of the spheres". Well in some very odd manner, as I listened to your piece of composing, it seemed "familiar", and that bugged me since the form and focus of it was unconventional and "new". But I also got the feeling of the vastness of the scope of the piece, the philosophical implications, that many of us are the major strings, endeavoring to carve our way through each day, and the counterpoints, which were numerous and counter, were the conflicts and distractions that plague us, that dissuade us, that pull our attention elsewhere just as that cat runs in front of our car.

For me "Mask" was clearly some kind of deceit, not yours, but Life's. Through a series of "sweet" notes, you set the scene, a maiden settling down on the edge of a stream, watching the water play across the many colored rocks, the wind tossing the locks of her hair that hang out of the edges of her bonnet. The sun is out, the sky is clear, the meadowlarks are serenading --but then we notice her tears, and her eyes. She is consumed with sadness. Sweet notes that take us emotionally to a very sad place, without joy, a kind of gentle spiraling into a shadow world that overlaps the sunny one; both together, her bright gingham dress and her tear-stained cheeks. She wears white gloves, but she holds an ornate dagger. What is her intent? Why is she so sad? Will we ever know or find out?

"Shotglass" was my favorite of the the three new pieces. I call it WARRIOR'S LAMENT. He is 27 years old, sitting in the back of the bar, in the shadows, staring into the nothing of the moment, as several colors of smokey air spiral around his hard eyes; eyes that were just one year before in Iraq, watching the devastation, hardening to the his tasks, believing in his patriotism, knowing that freedom does not come cheap, willing to be the one who goes where he is sent, too busy to think about the politics, until a roadside bomb blew off his left leg and his left hand and forearm. Nine months in Rehab, asking himself over and over why, why, why did his wife leave him, his friends have abandoned him, his government has cut him adrift, and his only true companion, something akin to a friend, is the brown sticky liquid there in front of him --in the shotglass.

And that, or there is where you sent me with you less than 15 minutes of composition. Hope the cabinets are staining pretty. They are begging to be hung. So hang them.


6:04 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

Rennie is not in the phone book.
Googling doesn't help.

I've tried to contact an organization called Seattle Symphony and Opera Players but their e-mail address doesn't work and their s-mail address doesn't work.
I'm going to ask at the Salon this Friday.

8:07 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

The Talvi blog is in the Nov '06 archive, along with the Emily poem
The Chutzpa variations are in the Dec '06 and Feb '07.
Why not go to the oldest and read the whole viscous mass of vain verbiage?

8:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, again, Lane!
Rennie is probbaly not in the phone book under Grossman, but under her husband's name (whatever that is). You might try the yellow pages for bike places that specialize in "bycycles-built-for-two", which she said her business with her hubby specializes in. Good luck!! Also she was at the Chamber Music Soc. concert on the East Side on Monday 8 August, at which I ushered; their data base could probably be searched under that date and first-name "Rennie";
if that bothers their "privacy rule", you could tell them it is for a CHAMBER MUSIC work and they don't have to tell you her phone number but could call her themselves and tell her of your need for a violinist and have them give her YOUR phone number. Good luck!!!


P.S. I'll try to delve into your Archives for Nov06, Dec06, and Feb07. Thanks!!

9:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!

Thanks for the tip on how to read more on the saga of your problems with the malevolents in the Cuckucks' Nest on the 5th floor at 2nd & Union. I've now read your accounts in the Archives of Nov & Dec 06 and Feb 07 and my own comments therein. I was especially amused by the juxtaposition of the letters from the SeaSypmph's liars (= Lawyers in British English) and Ms. Simpson. "Chutzpa" is the right word for it!! Also thanks for the tip on "Talvi Antagoniste", which I have also found and read; the policy of "persecute the competents and nurture the incompetents" fits the Cuckucks' Nest to a "T"!! As does their policy of having four (4!) "concert masters/mistresses" (are the latter so in more than one sense of that word??).

-- Anonomann

3:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane:
Anonomann strikes again!:
Re: Violinists (and Rennie):
The SSOPO wouldn't have Rennie's details, as she performed in neither the SSO nor the SO orchestras.
But she DID attend the Seattle Chamber Music concert on 8 August 2007 at Overlake School, at which I ushered -- and you and Meredith are SCM subscribers, so they might be willing to forward (put back in the mail) a letter from you to Rennie asking if she would be willing to play in the World Premiere of your Violin Sonata. This would be worth a try!!
And have you looked in the Yellow Pages for bike shops, etc., that specialize in "bicycles-built-for-two", which is the business Rennie has with her hubby?? Again, best of luck!!!


3:10 AM  

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