Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Once again Wednesday started on Tuesday.
Last night, Meredith called me from work to say that the scooter wouldn't start.
I drove out and we determined that a fuel leak had filled the crankcase
and the combustion chamber locking the poor little insect in an
hydrostatic (oliostatic, to be precise, I suppose) embrace.
Pulling the dipstick plug caused a fountain of gasoline diluted oil to spout
onto the parking lot, but soon the liquid drained from it's head and
the motor was free and salvageable again.
We phoned a brother in law, borrowed his pickup and carried it home.
In this wise did it influence today;
I hadda go to the Vespa dealer to ask questions and buy suspected parts, therefore I was not able to take the usual bus trip downtown. I had to drive.
Which meant no Cafe Ladro, no walk up the hill.
Instead, I drove to Queen Anne hill to my favorite Starbucks, where my favorite barista greeted me. She's a real sweetheart. I should have asked her name.
Anyway, she's on my short list of girls to fall in love with.
You know, tall drip and a peanut butter cookie.
With me being the tall drip.
Then to class.
David now wants me to sign a contract promising to print and bind my scores for posterity.
Yeah, yeah, yeah..
Instead of going straight home, I decided to drive a bit more northward to the
arboretum and odometer my way along the route of my recent bike ride.
Turns out it was not as long a ride as I had measured on the map.
My overall speed for that day was a mere 8.7 mph.

I did stop several times.


Blogger butch said...

So your Wednesday had a new complexion, and changed up on you secondary to life's challenges on Tuesday, you say? Ain't that a bitch when that happens?

The Vespa is a line of motor scooters that was first manufactured in Pontedera, Italy in 1946 by Piaggio & Co. S.p.A.

Piaggio continues to manufacture the Vespa today, although the Vespa was much more widely used in the 1950s and 60s, when it also became the adopted vehicle of choice for the UK youth-culture known as Mods. The classic Vespas had unibody chassis pressed from sheets of steel, with bodywork covering the legs for protection from rain and mud. The direct drive engine was covered completely by a steel cowling to appeal to a broader market of people, often turned off by the dirty/greasy stereotype often applied to motorcycles. Piaggio revolutionized the two-wheel industry with the Vespa and provided a model on which nearly every other scooter made since has been based.

How lucky spouse Meredith is to have a retired mechanic for a husband. Most of us would have been SOL in that situation. I loved the term, "hydrostatic embrace." Hydrostatic: Of or relating to fluids at rest --or to the pressures they exert or transmit. Oliostatic was a trickier concept though. At first I thought maybe you got some margarine stuck in the Vespa tank, and then I figured it referred to the fact that oil got into the gasoline; but acually --"Olio: a miscellaneous mixture, a hodgepodge."

You will have to share with us later today if the suspected parts were in fact the actual ones needed for the repair, or the outcome turned out to be. Of course your commute time downtown shortens when you drive vesus taking public transportation. Where was the Vespa dealer? Somehow you transported to Queen Anne Hill and bypassed all the downtown venues. At the QA Starbucks, was the name of the cute barista Lucy? Seems like it would be. How fickle you can be sometimes with your ersatz "love life". I guess we can fully expect Emily to raise up now and complain of your neglect and misdirected affections.

Yeah, to print up and bind your many scores would be a fine way of accepting credit for them, of owning them; the first step in promulgating them.

You were still pumping pretty good to almost average 9mph on your Fidelio. Remember our first ballon tire bikes, the "no speeds" ? To go up a hill you had to stand up on the pedals, and work your tookus off. In the 50's I remember thinking that those skinny English racing bikes that some kids were riding were weird, that they would never catch on; but whadda I know?


6:47 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

Actually by "Olio" static I meant "related to oil products i.e. lubricating oil and gasoline. But "olio", meaning a collection, a stew, a hodgepodge, a mixture, is also appropriate. I can't believe it's got anything to do with butter.
There comes a time when the women of the world just have to accept the fact that there is only one of me and adjust their expectations. appropriately.
When I goes downtown, I takes the bus. When I drives, I goes where is the parking.

10:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So...Butch thinks I'm jealous.
Well I'm not jealous. What do I care if he thinks some meat encrusted coffee seller is attractive.
He'll come my way soon enough (they all do, don't they) and he'll be mine forever.
So there!

10:59 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

Emily, Emily....,
My love for you comes from the deepest, most profound depths of my soul.
I can't help it if it's getting crowded down there.

11:03 AM  

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