Thursday, March 29, 2007

Another day

O.K. that last day was a today, this one is a yesterday.
Yesterday, I had an appointment to show my Roosevelt house to a potential renter.
the appointment was for 3:00. Having nothing to do, I read a short mystery/adventure novel and answered the phone, which rang a lot because of the ad in the times concerning aforementioned house.
I checked my e-mail, of course, and perused this site and it's ancillaries.
Oh yeah, also, I added a new musical link; Lisa Hirsch.
Anyway, the weather was nice so I decided to ride the Vespa. My usual route through Seattle is along Lake Washington Boulevard. Over the years, I have driven this road hundreds, maybe thousands of times. Simcas, Porsches, Volkswagens, Lotuses, Ferraris, Chevrolets, Fords, Jeeps, Peugeots(automotive), Peugeots(bicycle), Facel Vegas, ASAs, Suzukis(my X6hustler),Austins, Morriss, and many more Including my first car, a '49 Olds that I called Lucile after the popular song.
Oh yeah also the 3 cars I built (I am working on getting pictures of those to show you)
Never before on a Vespa.
And only part of the way in Gokwiis (the Amphibian)
It was a nice ride and I thought of many things to post here, but I forgot them all.
I feel a bit of a loss at getting it rented because, while it is untenanted, it is mine. What the thrill of an empty house that I can visit anytime I like is, I dunno, but when it's rented it's sombody else's
So I showed the house and exercized the scooter.
Later that evening I went to Safeway and bought a single layer German chocolate cake
I just finished a piece as I was writing this.
Whenever I ride LW blvd I imagine myself on the shores of lake Como for some reason, why "somewhere else" should make any difference, I dunno again. There's lots of rich people's houses visible over on Mercer Island. But I doubt that any one of thier occupants are ever going to sponsor my music in any way. Although, I suppose I could Hire a small orchestra myself.
I think that the major anomaly in the situation with the SSO could be explained as a love triangle between myself, an frightened and insecure woman and a closeted lesbian
with the frightened woman of genius in control.

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Blogger butch said...

Reading your postings, for some strange reason I start hearing the Beatles humming in my head, those halcyon days during the 60's when the mop tops were setting the fashion trends, and as the youth who would inherit the "power" in this country, we screamed at Nixon to get us out of Viet Nam, and quit bombing Cambodia. What the hell happened to the Boomer's Power? Decades have slipped by and we worked and sweated and raised children, and bought and sold houses and things, and Presidents have come and gone, and then we got older and feared the changing of the century, and had to put Y2K behind us only to be confronted with Islamic zealots trying to park airliners in the penthouses of skyscrapers, and now we have a new Viet Nam, and the the domino theory is about ready to pop open the whole Middle East, and the New Crusades are on our minds; and Christ, we have less "power" than ever, and less democratic clout, and less liberty. After 1973 I assumed we, as a country, would never allow our "leaders" to take us into another decade long war where our youngest and best are sacrificed for the greed of Big Business; but here we are again, in spades.
I have not driven Lake Washington Blvd. for over 40 years. Thanks for the spin. Is your Roosevelt house near Leshi or the lake? How many miles did you scooter it? Did you have to pass under the west end of the old floating bridge? God, just the listing of some of your old cars is making my mind spin with memories; like your 1949 fastback Oldsmobile,Lucille, that you put the 1953 bigger V-8 into, and the '53 one piece windshield. I had just learned to drive, and sometimes if I begged enough on Friday or Saturday nights, you would let me put my adolescent hands on the steering wheel of that Detroit hot rod. For those who do not remember the 1949 Olds, it still had the smaller Chevrolet-like body, so the overhead V-8, six years before they put one in the 1955 Chev, was a wonder; and that fastback was a pretty bitch too. The ride in Gokwiis must have been a head turner, especially when you turned in at the boat launch, and badda bing drove right into the lake; and the damned car floated just fine. The only car you left out of your LWB touring list was one or more Fiat 500's, ringadinging along on its two cylinders. If you, by chance, while snacking or napping, remember some of those ideas and visualizations from the ride yesterday, well hell, set up an addendum to this posting; lol.
Interesting emotions about your Roosevelt house. It probably harkens back to those days when you helped your mother manage several properties, and you would have keys to several of them; to use like clubhouses, like hideouts, like artist's hovels and garrets. Melva's favorite cake is German chocolate. That's all she will accept on her birthday, but she does not like the Safeway or Costco variety. She makes her own very rich and special cocoanut laden frosting, so usually she bakes her own cake. Did you slog down coffee, tea, or milk with it? Lake Como, what a rush that is. Maybe in a past life you spent some time there, and certain views of Lake Washington are sparking old genetic metaphysical memories. I flash all the time while in the foothills of the Cascades on the highlands in Scotland, and when we encounter a deep lake surrounding by rock and forest, I see loches. So enjoy your visualization, your sense memory. Most of us spend our entire lives passing by the homes of the rich. From the water, Bill Gates house looks like a village, a small township. When I first visited San Simeon at the Hearst Castle, it was hard to fully appreciate that William Randolph Hearst considered it his "country cabin". Great wealth is almost beyond our comprehension. As to a patron materializing from Mercer Island, someone stopping you in the coffee shop and saying,"Excuse me sir, but aren't you Doug Palmer, who used to be a Mercer? We have that in common --Mercer. I hear that you are a dynamite composer. I am looking for a composer to put together a score to be played by an orchestra for my 50th wedding anniversary, and I would love to talk to you about it. Do you have a card?" And then you will lay the FEEL FREE TO LAUGH card on them, and they will laugh, and then start showering you with cash and glee and accolades. Or not. You are closer to the mark to consider talking some musician friends to play more of your stuff; encores and new stuff; or hire that orchestra, and invite all your friends to a corner of a park, and lay it on us. As to the "love triangle", at least it is between you and two women.

12:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Butch (or Glenn) has a comment that is longer than a blog, but I'm glad I read it to the end and learned you may have come across a sponsor with enough capital to invest in your music (a great investment!!). Hope he dpoes and you have fum writing his wedding music. I hope it will not be a private concert and that I will be in Seattle to attend.
You all with your Lake Washington; I'm here in the State Librarry where the Love-of-my-Life volunteers on Mondays and I use one of their computers for free to access the Internet, including your super blog; I don't have an Internet connection in either of my two apartments.
Out the window next to the computer station is Ostorf Lake, not as big as Lake Wash, but big enough to have the library on one side, the main rail line on another, and the large plot of what you Americans call "pea patch" gardens, one of which belongs to my Love, and I love weeding in it for her, especially these recent days when the sun has chased all clouds away and the temperature is mild (so in the low 70s (Fahrenheit).
As I'm allergic to eggs, I don't know what Americans consider "German chocolate cake", but often what one country ascribes to another cannot be found in the "originater" (like Hamburgers in Hamburg before McDonald's invaded Germany). There is a kind of lettuce here called "Amerikan" that I hjave never seen in America (MC donald'S ice berg lettuce may have driven it out). Your mention of the two women leaves me wondering which is which (I think I do know whom you mean, but each may have both of the characteristics you mention.
I guess I may learn in a later blog. I keep reading them because they are fascinating. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2:07 AM  
Blogger butch said...

Anonymous: Hopefully you understand that the wealthy patron from Mercer Island is ficticious; just a lark. I just thought that exchange might be cool, and Doug can always use the postive feedback. You and Doug both use computers at the Library. That is an interesting parallel between you. You mention two apartments. One for you, and one for your sweetie, both that you cohabitate? As to my verbosity --I do go on don't I. It is just that everything that Doug writes brings back a flood of memories from the past, or rattle my creative cage in some way or other. You are certainly a loyal reader of the blog. Doug is fortunate to have such friends as us (we). Lake Sammamish might be even bigger than Lake Washington, just east of it. It is just such a waterway here. We are surrounded by water, like the Netherlands perhaps. Puget Sound is one of the largest inland seas there is, and we connect it to fresh water at the Ballard locks to Lake Union, and they connect Lake Union to Lake Washington at the University Cut. I am not sure if Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish are connected or not. But they tell me that these are mud puddle lakes compared to the Great Lakes. I would like to see them some day. Your Lake Ostorf sounds lovely, and so does your halcyon days gardening in your love's pea patch. Nice that you are experiencing such warm Spring Weather already. Not quite so lucky here. Still quite cold in the mornings, and rainy as hell, and temps in the 50's; typical spring weather for the Northwest though. Have you never had German chocolate cake? There is a treat waiting for you. You left out French Fries and Dutch apple pie in your list of lost foods. Maybe Doug will jump in here soon and answer some of our many questions. In the meantime it is fun to just chat with you, sir.

6:04 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

lethergy, ennui, and something or other

9:28 AM  

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