Friday, March 09, 2007

Gracias, Senor Panza

butch said...

Lane Savant stands semi-tall, wearing homemade armor, made out of Alcoa aluminum wrap taped together with flattened tin cans and beer cans, hoisting a great lance, 12' long, wired and roped together in 4 pieces, and a rubber lancehead so that you will bruise your prey, but not terminate it; tilting the lance at the windmills surrounding Benaroya, standing alone to face the SSO Behemoth --yes, that is Lane Savant, world, and he will simply brook no more insults. The gauntlet is thrust upon the ground, a oven mitt wrapped silver. Do not pity this mad warrior, this fed up consumer; for in his heart he is doing something significant, even if most everyone else does not realize it. But if they had read THE STORY, and were regular readers of FEEL FREE TO LAUGH, they too would be in the know, and they would be cheering for Doug Palmer to never give in, or give up; to fight the good fight.

Thanks, Butch

The article (book revue) in the latest New Yorker is about duelling.
I think I will challenge the SSO (not the whole thing, the musicians and the people I worked with are great people)* just the one brainless turkey in HR and their snotty attourney.
You have two days to respond or be considered just what I have called you.

* I would name some of them, but I'm afraid that the 5th floor gestapo would be bashing thier doors down some night soon.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another great blog of yours!!
Is there only one person @ 2nd & Union who deserves that treatment?
I'm surprised nobody else has yet commented on this particular blog. Are they all afraid of SeaSymphs Catbird and Liar (as the British pronounce that "profession"??

3:28 AM  

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