Sunday, March 11, 2007

Seattle Symphony fails again

It has been three days and the Symphony has not answered my challenge. I therefore declare, by the ancient code of honor, that the Seattle Symphony agrees to be considered liars, cowards, and completely with out honor.
Who would have thought that these despicable weenies would be afraid of a creampuff?
Or a little truth?
A sad day for Seattle and the art world.

However, we still have Speight Jenkins and the world-class Seattle Opera.
Handel's Julius Ceaser in Egypt, which my wife and I attended, was a long evening of beautiful song masterfully rendered, and beautiful music played by the masterfully talented musicians from the aforementioned Seattle Symphony.

An example of the right way to run an arts organization
And an example of the wrong way.

Children beware, learn to value honor and speak truth, do your homework and cultivate decent company.
Let not vanity inform you.
Learn to follow the Golden Rule and consider others before you act.
I shudder to think of you wallowing in filth and cowardice in the gutters of Second Avenue, like the Seattle Symphony.

Let not fame, power, nor riches blind you, for these things cannot compensate for the loss of your soul.

Do not lie on job resumes to get jobs for which you are not qualified nor intelligent enough to do.

And let me see, wash your hands frequently, cover your mouth when you sneeze or yawn
drink plenty of liquids and get eight hours of sleep each night.

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Blogger butch said...

Bravely done, sir, in the finest Cervantes tradition --as Don Lane Savant Quixote sits astride his fire engine red Fiat 500, with its two cylinders revved up for business, thin legs wrapped in Alcoa aluminum, muddy boots ready for SSO ass-kicking, twin pie tins strapped on your balding pate with bright red ribbon, beer can armor glinting in the mornings half light, 4 piece lance tilted precariously at the monster, the callous behemoth that strides that block like a caphonous collosus, pretending to be a windmill. The challenge was justly made, you SSO twits! Where honor should be, in you there is just a void, and cowardice, and malice, and pettiness, and moronic stupidity reigns supreme. Stand fast Don Savant aka Lane Quixote, for although we do not stand in the street with you (for we are not ready to be incarcerated or intimidated -- and we do not have your off-kilter courage,sir), still many of us are there in spirit, cheering quietly as you raise your mailed fist and shake it at the SSO plaster faces hidden in the cornises and corners high above you. The truth shall emerge and stand tall in the light of day, or the pouring rain; whichever comes first.

7:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A GREAT BLOG; hope you sent a copy to Speight, an optimum arts-chief!!

3:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just (26 March 2007) read in the that the SeaSymph (?SeaSumpf) just hired a Mr. Philion (an English major in college!) as the new Executive (?Executioner?) Director. One could say "'nuff said" when one knows he's the one who hired G. Schwarz as Principal Conductor for Philion's summer festival somewhere in the Smokey Mountains (the SEASumpf musicians should love Philion for this! Hire the hand that feeds you!!

2:44 AM  

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