Thursday, March 22, 2007

A day

So, what do I do today, lazy and and gentleman?
Nothing prepared, I'll just blather away.
Painted the new wall between the kitchen and diningroom.
Went to a Bach's suite for unacompanied cello Saturday.
A whole bunch of cellists played the six (I blieve there were six of 'em)
suites. Very interesting to hear the differences between players.
Then after that, I went to the U-district to a church where a friend of mine was playing some piano preludes. nice.
Sunday Meredith and I went to the Burke museum to see whatever it is they have there.
What they have there is history. History remains history. You don't really need to check up on it very often to realise that it dosn't change all that much. Even after you've learned from it, it gets repeated anyway, ad nauseum.
Oh, I guess I am a little prepared, after all, I just found a "poem" on a scrap of paper in the pile on my "desk"
I think it might be about the "person" who dumped on me at that "arts" organization that I'm getting tired of griping about.


I guess I'm a ghost to her
The host of a ghost of hers

Is that why she sings to me?
Is that why it clings to me?

Has something long dead
Decayed in her head?

Does she think she's in danger
Because I'm a stranger?

I must be a ghost

I guess

Here's some music can you set the words to it? I doubt if I could.

Here is a list of my favorite automotive terms from around the world

Il basomento del motore
March Arriere
Gudgeon pin
Torque Wrench

I was hoping to come up with 10 of 'em. Sic semper inanium

I am extremely jealous of Jeremy Denk's writing abilities, and his observational skills. Or maybe vice-versa

I am at home right at the moment, but soon I will go out to the store for groceries, and for lunch, and to the library where I can upload some pictures because I can't do it on this machine because somebody has upgraded something.

So, here I am at the aforementioned library, the jpg's are loaded and I will go to the store for some potatoes, milk, popcorn, and whatever else I can carry up the hill to my house. (onions?)
Then I will go home and arrange this post and push the publish button.

It's not today anymore, it's now tomorrow.

Here's my card.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ich wohne in Deutschland und habe nie von einem Knockenwellenlager gehoert; auch mein deutsches Wöerterbuch hat dieses Wort nicht.
But, speaking of onions, my Significant-Other (German woman friend) and I planted onions in her Schräbergarten yesterday; it is always tastiest to eat food fresh from the garden!! But the onions won't sprout (green) or have eatable bases until after a while. We did harvest some Topinambur (I don't know what that is in English; in fact, I have never seen such a vegetable in the USA).

1:38 AM  
Blogger butch said...

A Day in the Life --yeah, Dougie, that's the ticket. Just let it flow, and crank out those visualizations, and quips, and clever asides, and especially that poetry. Yeah. Remember when we took Creative Writing 101? The teachers always said,"Keep a writer's journal." And of course, they were right. Great stuff comes out of just "Writing". I really loved your "Day", just tagging along like your shadow. I posted your poem, which was of course, "untitled". For my own reasons, I entitled it INVISIBLE TEARS. The music looks good. God knows what it sounds like. I used to think that because I knew some musicians, that one of them could put my poetry, at least some of it, to music. But I was told more than once,"Sorry, man, but there is no music in your poetry." Shit, was that a compliment, or a heartbreaking criticism? I, of course, understood that my musical friends were full of shit, because I have Leonard Cohens book of lyrics and poetry, and somehow, even though he is not a singer, he gets laid regularly, has notoriety, and puts his poetry to music; even if he has to do it himslelf. You really must get your stepson to set up a printer, copier, scanner for you. Although then you would have less reasons to travel to the library, so go figure.

7:23 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

"Camshaft", I believe, although what "Lager" has to do with it, I dunno, "lager" belongs in a liter glass. Maybe it should be "Schaft" or something. Io non habla deutche..
Your Woerterbuch has "Dopplefallstromvergaser"??

2:53 PM  
Blogger butch said...

A few quotes come to mind:
"To do is to be" --Socrates.
"To be is to do."--Descartes.
"To be or not to be.."--Shakespeare.
"Do be do be do."--Sinatra.


6:10 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

BEARING! knockerwellenlager is a camshaft bearing.
Butch, your poetry has music. I've always been inspired by your writing.
My piece "Another sad song littering the highway of life" was written because Patricia Kim, the founder of Soundbridge, made the comment that there was not enough American music written for the accordian (she plays) I was tossed out before I found out what she thought of the piece. Nothing, probably.
Meaning...I am challenged by your remark...who knows?

7:35 AM  

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