Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Love and death

Once, again I would like to direct your attention to
  • Music & Men
  • for some insights into the connection between personality and failure in music making organizations.
    The stuff about "eye candy" is amazingly ridiculous.
    The outfit mentioned is defunct. There ya go
    I do not subscribe to the opera so that I can try to imagine what Ewa Podles or Jane Eglen would look like in a bikini!!
    My interest in thier lungs is solely how they power thier larynxs.
    Neither one will be trying to sell me Budwieser on the telly but they are awsome artists and cultural treasures nonetheless!

    My Clarinet concerto "Vally Home Killa" is done. Time to put it away and forget it.
    Next on this project's list is a trombone concerto. I've decided to start it with a long glissando just to get it out of the way. As my mother always told me "if you've got a slide, you should use it"
    It's the only idea I've got so far. I may go back and touch up the Horn Concerto and the Trumpet one first.

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    Blogger butch said...

    Ilkka Talvi is quite a writer, and his blogsite is very well presented. He does not seem to have a very high opinion of George W. Bush either. I love the quote,"Man plans but God decides." Another metaphysical version of it is, "If you want to hear God laugh, make a plan." His lead comment on the death of Mark Paven at 51 is certainly sobering, as we all sit here in our 60's. He has some great caustic things to mention about the "former stripper", Anna Nicole Smith as well. Good stuff.

    9:31 AM  
    Blogger butch said...

    Sex sells, pal --you are hip to that. Pretty women always get preferencial treatment, and we ugly bitches get pushed back deep into the bowels of the orchestra. So "Eye Candy" has universal appeal and is analagous to every corporation, every school event, every entertainment.
    Your clarinet concerto is probably a wowzer, like your other musical endeavors. So you have completed a Horn and a Trumpet concerto as well, and are laboring on a trombone concerto? These are solo pieces, or is the "lead" instrument just have the focus? I am still trying to get my mind around what the hell a "long glissando" is. I can imagine that it has to do with the extended slide tromboning back and forth. Your mother also used to say,"Stay away from Buttkus; that kid is trouble. For God's sake, his parents rent their home. One should never rent when they can buy. Never forget that." You, as a slum landlord, and a rental baron, certainly paid heed, sir.
    And as you recall, I'm sure, we were both pretty sure when I was 15 that your mother had the hots for me, or at least liked me; and your sister did too, or at least made me think so; lol.

    And I would love to hear VALLEY HOME KILLA before you file it away for posterity.


    3:30 PM  
    Blogger butch said...

    Doug: Checked out some of your included links, and I see you have Sharon's jewelry link. Bravo. Might you consider adding www.tacomafilmclub.org to the list?

    7:26 PM  
    Blogger Lane Savant said...

    Yeah, I'm going to do that now.
    Last time I linked you, it didn't work.

    7:49 AM  
    Blogger Lane Savant said...

    P.S. you already have a cd with the concerto on it. It's not the finished version, however.

    7:50 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I agree that voice is more important than beauty in opera singers. However, the ideal is someone who has an excellent voice and looks like the tenor really could fall in love with the person the singer is impersonating. An ideal would be Anja Silja, who is still singing and was beautiful enough to also be Wieland Wagner's mistress. Another is Ulrike Ludewig, a mezzo in Germany I am currently recommending to Speight Jenkins. As for Jane Eaglen, I understand she has no stage engagements after her Seattle Senta in August; I hope I am wrong about that, but, if I'm right, it would mean more and more General Directors ARE putting appearance over voice.

    3:47 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Butch's (or "Glen's) first comment on this blog is wrong; the obit on Mark Paven is not by Ilka (a great writer!), but by his wife, Marjorie, who was Konzertmeisterin in the (now defunct) Northwest Chamber Orchestra of which Paven was Board Chairperson. And it is truly unfortunate that appearance is so important in the USA "arts" world, a good reason why I regularly flee to Germany, where artists are engaged for artistic reasons!

    1:45 AM  
    Blogger butch said...

    Good point, sir. I read too quickly, and I knew not of which I wrote or spoke. Thanks. I sit corrected. As to appearance, that is the eternal struggle with all the arts. Remember what a great singing voice Jim Nabors had, and yet when you looked at him....and then you have Robert Goulet who looks great but only sings to himself, mostly in the mirror. Even in the world of professional Opera, are not the attractive Divas more successful?

    11:58 AM  

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