Monday, March 05, 2007

Philharmonia Northwest

Yesterday (Sunday the 4th of March) Meredith and I attended a concert at St Stephen's
Episcopal Church. There we heard work by Gavin Bortchert, Sergei Prokofiev, and Johannes Brahms.
I truly liked the Bortchert piece much better than the Prokofiev (3rd Piano Concerto, I believe).
Gavins piece was (and may still be) titled (from memory, I can't find my notes) "Sweet Wines and Wines that foam". A pleasant piece that seemed a bit impressionistic although still very 21st century.
I got the sweet part, but didn't get anything tickling my nose.
At one moment during, however, I felt a little as if I were gliding through the air surveying the landscape below, through valleys and over cities and forests then sailing into a joyful sun.
Like one of KCTS's "Over" tapes.
"Over Gavin", I guess.

The Brahms was what Basil Fawlty once referred to as Brahms' fourth racket and it was wonderful (Duh!)

I would comment on how well it was all played, but I am a wiseass, not a critic.
Sounded fine to me.

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Blogger butch said...

What part of town is St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in? How are the acoustics. Should be pretty good if it has a dome in the sanctuary. Now that you and SSO have had a parting of the ways, and you did list those other 5 or 6 places to gather up some "culture", you will have to keep your readership current on all the concerts you attend, and of course, you should expound on how much nicer each of them is relative to Benaroya Hall. Are these musicians you heard professionals, or talented amateurs like the rest of us?

12:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with Butch. Please let us know in advance of such worthy events, especially as the SeaSymph has priced music for music lovers out of reach. Of course those on the 5th floor (staff, not volunteers, who must work 6 hours for one) get "comp" (=free) tickets.

3:37 AM  

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