Monday, November 27, 2006

Snow and a moral dilemma

It doesn't snow much here, because of the insulating effect of Puget sound, or "Whulge" (something like that), as it used to be called. Anyway we have some now, not much, it is never very much, but it would be nice to have enough to play in. Although with my luck, someone would call the cops on me if I did go out and play in it.
I do remember some of the good snows of my youth, the most exciting of which was sledding in West Seattle in the late 50's
And of course, there are snowmen, snow angels, snow forts, snowball "conflicts", to use the popular euphemisn. Since then, however I have come to dislke (be afraid of) fighting. I still cling to the apparently foolish notion that disagreements and misunderstandings can be ameliorated or even resolved by rational discussion. Possibly because of the argument between my mother and father that I witnessed which was followed soon thereafter by the divorce and the difficult second mother and dangerous older stepsister. That was during the Korean war. I also vaguely remember a newspaper headline about some adventurer's determination to succeed even if he had to "blow up the whole world" No doubt I don't remember it incorrectly, I was only 7 or 8. (now watch this segue) That was also the time of the big snow of the late 40's or early 50's. The snow drifts were as high as my shoulders and I undoubtedly had much fun playing in it. Although, now that you remind me, I don't remember those times being much fun. Probably, that's why I prefer to look to the future, even though Lucy always seems to pull the football no matter how much I want to believe in the basic goodness of the human soul. As I write the sun begins to brighten the day and I know that whatever fell through the night is melting. (Another interesting segue) The girl I told you about in "The Story!" blogs, and as I read hers, besides being afraid that I am going to be punished for doing so, I find that she thinks a lot like me, she reads a lot like me, our politics are congruent and our religious beliefs are the same. Although mine aren't actually "religious" but more a desire to think of all humans as basically good and deserve all they desire, even her, even me. So here's the moral dilemma. Since she filed her complaint and spent 3 years getting me thrown out of a volunteer job that was bringing a modicum of joy to an ugly, lonely, and bored old fart, she has undergone a religious journey of some sort and, by her blogs seems to have become more reasonable. Do I owe her the opportunity to face whatever demon she sees in me and see if we can chase it away, or do I just keep my heart in it's bulletproof vest and think evil thoughts about all the hurts I've recieved in my life?
I guess what I'm asking here is how much snow can God's love melt, and how much fear am I required to face just to try to make one little misalignment of human souls right again.
Well, so much for snow, some pictures of violins coming soon, and more about Emily.
Here's hoping that the winter's harvest festivals bring you and yours all the warmth, love and happiness you deserve.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A great blog on snow and the Lady in "The Story"!! I hope you two can make peace with eachother! What is her blogspot called? Can you put it as a comment in this "snow story"?

2:17 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

Try and look in their archives. I'm not going to post her name because I fear more abuse, but she lives in Seattle. Thanks for your interest. Happy holidays!

8:15 AM  
Blogger Robin said...

Like anon, I'm curious to see her blog. (couldn't get I don't trust change of character, the Chameleon is still a Chameleon, even when it has changed its color. She's not worth your time or energy. I've learned some good ways to put people of that compelling nature out of mind. Want to hear them?

8:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like Robin, I couldn't get MP's blogspot in! As you see, I know her name; I don't need it, but I do want to read her blog. CVould you please help me find it?? Please answer here. I won't tell SEA-SYMPH you helped me.

2:11 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

Try my link "proper study", then go to "Follow the walk, blog. There will be a list of bloggers. The initials MP should guide you from there.
Now you've got me curious, anon, who are you? Want to email me so I know?

10:45 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

Sea Nymph? Who what or why is that?

9:39 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

Oh! Sea Symph sea nYmph was a different comment.
............never mind.
The only way i can log on to beta blog is to send myself a message,so what the h

3:23 PM  

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