Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Walking in Seattle

These cold days when the sun is bright and the air is clear are excellent days for walking. My usual walk is from downtown Seattle where the #7 bus lets me off near the library to Broadway and Pine where I study composition at Seattle Central Community College. I always go early so that I can explore the city a bit. I used to visit friends at Soundbridge (Seattle Symphony's Music Discovery Center), but I don't do that any more because of what, you know. I have a discrimination complaint against the Symphony in progress, so maybe that will change. Anyway Monday, I did about 2 miles here in my South Seattle neighborhood (Rainier Beach) checking out a new trail called "Chief Sealth" it follows the path of a power transmission line which runs from way the heck out there somewhere all the way into town. Maybe I'll walk the whole thing someday. The paved part is only a few blocks long, but it promises to continue in the future. I didn't walk too far off the pavement because of the long and frozen grass. I am reminded of many walks I experienced when I was in the Army and stationed in Fairbanks. It was much colder, of course, and the landscape presented a stark beauty that made me think I could be on another planet.
Here in Seattle, it is much milder and much greener not to mention much easier to find a nice warm cup of coffee.
Also in this area are the Kubota Gardens, a very lovely place to wander. Mr. Kubota
started his garden in the late forties or early fifties, couldn't have been earlier, he would have probably been in a prison camp, Remember WW2?
My wife used to play there when she was a kid.
There is another Japanese garden in the University of Washington Arboretum which is also a great place to walk.
I love to walk. As an art form, it leaves even less artifact than writing music.
As excercise it is an easy and natural way to get around.
Also it provides an excuse for not accomplishing anything.
I can't shut off my mind, but walking at least provides distraction.
The only downer is that you ocasionally run into other people, people who glare as if they wished you weren't there, but that seems to be a general theme in my life.
There is undoubtedly much to say about walking in Seattle on cold, clear days, but I havn't found much funny in this blog and am running into literary fatigue.
There is a reason that the human body is half legs.
So, goodbye, It's another beautiful day, cold, crisp, sunny...
I'm going for a walk.


Blogger Robin said...

Makes me miss Seattle. Never was much of a walker, but you make it sound like an excellent thing to do.

11:35 PM  
Blogger Leann said...

I like to ride to see the beauty in my state.Iam not much for walking cause I aint to good on my legs.I do go to the park and I go with my grand kids and daughters on addventures now and then.but walking miles aint my bag.but it sounds like you have a lovely place to walk.wish I could come to seattle,my cousin was a mishonary for the Indains on the Islands there back in the 70,s.her and her husband bill would help them.her name was Rose.

4:47 PM  

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