Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Genesis; Talvi Agoniste

How I got started blogging.
Ilkka Talvi went to work one day as concertmaster of the Seattle Symphony Orchestra and was told to bug off, his contract didn't mean squat, and they didn't like him any more.
He complained (Isn't america great?) by starting his blog site ( and explaining his case to the public. I heard about it fron Gavin Borcherd in the Seattle Weekly. I read and sympathized.
Seattle Symphony also read it and demonstrated it's emotional maturity by firing his wife.
When he complained about that the Seattle Symphony sent cops to his house and accused him of harassment! What sick people, eh?
Anyway they did have the grace to admit their guilt by making some kind of super secret deal to make him shut up, which is why you won't find those early blogs on his site. What I have here is just what I remember.
You will find interesting intelligent, and insightful comments there. Visit him.
I've got him linked as Music and men.
So, I thought to myself, this Is a good way to air my own gripes, not as serious as Ilkka's, but all my own.

So, there you are, and here I am.
I had a dream about Emily that I'll tell you about soon
Mr Talvi is presently concertmaster of the Rainier Symphony who play in Renton and Tukwila. They have a website, but I don't know right off what it is.
Stop supporting Seattle Symphony and support them instead. Bye!


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