Monday, September 11, 2006

Origns Issue

In my 35 years as an auto mechanic, I was considered an artist. now that I am an artist, I don't know what I'm to be considered
Wanting to see what my hands looked like clean, I decided to take up a hobby that was at least clean and unlike building strange and useless hot rods, wouldn't need expensive storage and maintenance.
As it says on my profile, can't, can't, can't etc.
So why not
I found a composition teacher and began studying
I volunteered to work for the Seattle Symphony at their newly founded "Soundbridge, Seattle Symphony's music discovery center"
This was fun, but, of course I felt a little shy and vulnerable due to the aforementioned lack of skills and education. What the heck, they weren't paying me, in fact I was as generous as I could be (I am not poor nor am I rich)
One of my goals, besides education, was to meet people and make friends of a musical persuasion.
This seemed to be happening.
One girl (she's 44, I'm 64, "girl" is relative) seemed to be a very nice person and quite talented. I asked her if she would play flute for one of my compositions that were hosted by Soundbridge and the Washington composers forum (an organisation
I belonged to)
She did, and she did a good job. After the performance she came up to me and said "thank you for letting me play your music" Non plussed I was, I felt lucky just to be able to present my junky music. Didn't expect it to be any good or that I conferred any sort of honor.
Later, she came up to me at the opera to make small talk and introduced me to her mother, where I found out that I had known her father in a very small way many years ago.
Later,\at a luncheon given for staff and volunteers, I bought raffle tickets for some of the people I worked with one of whom was her. She said "If I win these concert tickets, will you go with me?
I don't remember what I replied, but it did seem a bit forward, but still harmless.
I invited her to lunch, we went to lunch had a good conversation, shared some mutual history.etc.
I invited her to lunch again, she told me to buzz off, I apologized for whatever offence I might have given and gave up on that relationship.
A little while later as I approached the building, I saw that she was inside and considered coming back later but decided to go in anyway. I was greeted effusively and cheerfully by herself. Confusing. I decided that the first rejection might be an anomaly. Asked her to lunch again. She came to me and told me to leave her alone, she
had a "bad relationship" with some guy. A bit of a leap to conclusions here.
Later, I took the chance to ask her if she would play flute for another piece I wanted to present. She grabbed her calender and agreed enthusiastically.
Later, I asked her if I could do a job that she was in charge of.
Later I asked her if she would listen and comment on a flute concerto I had written.
Later, She filed an harassment complaint because of these three things.
Really pissed me off!
The Symphony didn't seem to care about this. I was told "Oh that's just the way she is"
I answered her complaint explaining my hurt and my anger, promised to comply, and speculated as to why she felt a need to do this sort of thing and began to ignore her as much as possible.
A few months later, at a wake for a long time volunteer, I spoke to her, hoping to find some way of relieving the tension between us.
This just elicited another complaint, so I withdrew from doing any work for the Symphony and spent a few months working on a rental property I own
That was around Christmas time 2004. January 2005, I was called and asked if I could come down and work a day at Soundbridge. Assuming something had been straightened out , I came in and worked the morning, only to be told that I was not welcome. I bought a subscription so that I could continue to visit the friends I had made.
For the next year, I had a regular lunch appointment with one of those friends.
February 2006 I went in to attend an event ,and I was escorted off the premises by security.
Later, At a concert (My wife and I were season ticket holders) I found out, talking to a friend that the "girl" was leaving. Fine with me.
One of my friends sent a letter to the Symphony asking that, inasmuch as "She" was leaving perhaps yours truly could be welcomed back.
No answer to that, so phooey. I put a hundred dollar bill in the donation bucket and suggested that they could use it for a going away party for the deranged child
Later, as I was eating a sandwich at one of the snack bars in the hall, I was tossed out of the building again. A letter from their lawyer informed me that I was no longer allowed in the building and that my subscription was cancelled and my money returned.
Did I say I was pissed off before?
Any way that was march and now it's September and I thought I had dealt with it, but I still seem to be angry.
I found out that Ms "bad relationship" has been touring the country promoting "Christian" ideals of neighborly love.

This absurdity is apparently my profit in that relationship.



Blogger Robin said...

Good grief. While the events of this story make my blood boil, I'm very glad you told it... at least the observable facts of it. Perhaps it will help a little to heal deep wounds of injustice and persecution. Sounds trite... but I sincerely hope you will find a new and much healthier music circle.

5:18 PM  
Blogger Shadowrite said...

Wow, what a crazy lady. You're better off without friendships like hers. Stay away from toxic people. They only bring you down and there are so many other positive, upbeat people out there who can enrich our lives so much better.

7:24 PM  

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