Thursday, August 31, 2006


I took a short bike ride, about 5 miles, in order to check out the north end of the Green River trail. I couldn't find where the trail was on the map so I drove to Tukwila (means hazelnut, I think) to the community center because I knew that the trail went through there. Then I headed north to see where the trail ended. I wanted to know how to find it when I left from home on the bike. Anyway I did find how to get to the trail from home by bike. However, on the way my chain jammed and I had to turn the bike upside down to free it. When I did this, I uncovered a scene of heartbreaking disaster.
Well, just a derailleur totally worn through and a bent rear wheel (I thought I noticed a lumpy brake) worn and age-cracked tires. Et Cetera!
So...I guess my biking is through for awhile. Fidelio (see previous bike blogs)is going to the shop for some long overdo maintainance.
My riding is over for a while.


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