Monday, August 07, 2006

Blog Party Infinite

I love parties but have always been disappointed by thier temporal limitations.
You spend the first half hour shyly wondering whether you should have come at all because you don't know most of the people. Then perhaps you see someone you know, you start a conversation. Soon you are talking to strangers even though your mother told you not to. Than as the evening progresses, inhibitions loosen (alcohol, happy smoke)
When things are running smoothly and you are becoming the life of, energy level drops, people start to leave.
You settle into an interesting conversation that seems to be going somewhere, and the host must needs bid adieu (need sleep work morning)
A rent in the cocoon, ejection from the womb of socialibility, into the reality of the drive home, contemplating the things you should have said. Contemplating the things you shouldn't have said. The brilliant thoughts left unexpressed. Mangled sentences that are never to be edited into thier true form.
Here we all are, the whole world is at this one!
But we can edit, we can spell check, we can actually say what we meant to say!
We can ponder our neighbors comments untill we understand and can respond intellegently. Our brilliance polished untill it fairly gleams!
So take your time, partymates, if you love me, your praise can be as sincere and beautiful as Shakesperian soliliquy
If you don't, your insults can be just as stingingly apt.


Blogger Robin said...

Well, yes ~ what an interesting analogy, blogging as a party, a social event, but without the pressures of the moment. (I've already edited this comment several times...) In a recent post ~ ~ SharonB writes about the difference between blogging and journaling as follows: "To keep a blog is not a self indulgent self reflective activity. Blogs are not like traditional paper based diaries. Blogs look outward towards a community not inward towards the self. As a result blogs both reflect and build a community online. They form networks through which conversations can flow. However as a genre they are in part a new type of life writing – they are not autobiography or diary but they do document aspects of a lived life - a lived social life part of a network." I agree with both of you!

10:53 AM  

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