Sunday, April 22, 2012

Quiet time

She gets this way sometimes
Kind of sad, really

I don't know what brings it on
I want to help

When it's not too bad, she says there is
Nothing I can do

Mostly, she is happy
She is really sweet

In public, she is always cheerful
Vivacious, some say

Funny, thoughtful, caring
You would never know

But it scares me
What do I do without her


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo Mr. Savant!
Who is this person about whom you write that you do not know what you would do without her??

I look forward to seeing you (and maybe hearing some of your music, including the piece for saxaphone in a dangerous place after I get to Seattle tomorrow afternoon (3 May).


P.S. Soon, I won't be able to type "ü" and "ß" for a while.

9:26 AM  
Anonymous łóżka do sypialni said...


9:13 PM  

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