Monday, March 26, 2012

Marche arrière

When you look through a magnifying glass, the image distorts as you move in and out of focus.
At one point, the image inverts.
I often wonder exactly what the image is at that precise point.
Perhaps a portal into another world?
A world where there is no concept of "up" or "down"?

Perhaps an omnidimensional galaxy free of motion sickness?
Or an nondimensional infinity free of positional prejudice?
Maybe an extradimensional film of pure nothingness?
A Heisenbergian bipolar dilemma?
An chimerical world of passive agressionality?
A paradoxical praxomatic pumpkin shell?

A dream of blessed oblivion?

Captain Beefheart wondered once about the black paper between a mirror.
Was this what he was talking about?
Is blackness the same as nothingness?
If so, can we sneak up behind it and shoot it in the back?

When the cabbage boils down, it's up to you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe "an extradimensional picture of true nothingness"!!

2:44 AM  

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