Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hoopty - Doo and Timber

Well, the computer prob is more or less fixed and I'm ready to begin again to infect the netways with more sophomoric mp3s.
The first piece to come out of this new setup is called "Frustration 1" for 4 or 5 guitars.
I spent lots of time with my guitar while cursing my cyber fate while I was sans-computer.
I wrote down some little licks and put them together for the piece.

A tree fell out of the hill in our back yard, just a little broad leaf maple; fell across the stairway next to the yard.
Spent 40 minutes clearing the path with a hand saw.
That's two days of the Group Health recommended amount of exercise needed to live forever.
Actually, I haven't used up the two hours of bike ride time I got in last Thursday on my Auburn to Flaming Geyser ride.
Wish to hell I could donate some of this health to certain friends of mine who need the damn stuff.


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