Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bike ride

Took off early today to do a half lake ride.
Ran into a event at Seward Park.
It was a race for dogs!
They called it the Furry 5.
For five miles, I guess.
Anyway it was so cute to see the dogs on their little bicycles.
The had two sets of pedals staggered to match the dogs natural gait.
They steered with their noses!
They had a little muzzle like thing where the handlebars would normally be and the dog stuck his nose in it and steered with it.
Makes sense when you think about it, that's pretty much how the get around anyway.
The little ones were funny, their tiny little legs buzzing away in a blur.
The big dogs managed some truly impressive speeds.
Anyway, I didn't watch the whole race.
Went around the park and up to Madrona Beach and up the trail to the floating bridge and down the trail to Renton and around the airport and up Holyoke through Dead Horse Canyon,
for a total of;
24.71 miles
10.2 Average speed
34.0 max speed
2:24:36 trail time
2219.1 odometer.
Nonstop (except for stop signs)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!!!
A great tale, very well-told!!!!
Normally gullible, I'd have believed the dog-racet of it, but I DO believe your bike stats; so, when you wrote "Nonstop (except for stp[ signs)", (and not to look at the dog race!!), I realized this was another of your believable short stories!!!
You are not only a talented composer; you are also a VERY talented writer!!!
Print this and some of your other past fictional accounts and give the manuscript to a literary agent.

They are VERY publishable and make for enjoyable reading!!!!
With great esteem,

2:21 PM  

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