Monday, February 21, 2011

Got live if you want it.

Broadway performance hall!
March 1st at 7:30
David Mesler and friends present improvised jazz!
New and Improved!
Later on, on the 8th of March, David will be hosting a recital for his students. 
I will be represented there with three short pieces for piano and flute;
"Dracula's Gavotte", "Igor's Polka", and "Quasimodo's Dream Waltz".
This  will take place in the Erickson theater at Seattle Central Community College.
Admission free.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The man born under Pisces shall be a great goer, a fornicator, a mocker and covetous; he will say one thing and do another. He shall trust in his sapience, he shall have good fortune; he will be a defender of widows and orphans. He shall be fearful on water; he shall soon pass all adversities and live seventy-two years after nature.

....Poisson Fischer

10:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too bad I'll be up in the air on my own return zum Vaterland on 8 March; I'd love to have been at that concert of David's disciples!!

8:32 PM  

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