Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sticky keys

Just linked "TubaTuba"as an audio clip on my profile.
Been practicing clarinet 2 hours a day for a week.
Had a bunch of technical malfunctions with the clarinet but I think I've got them licked. For a while there the thing would suddenly shut off and refuse to play anything. I had to stop and slap it around a little before it would straighten up and fly right for a while.
Sticky keys
Now when it plays the wrong note it's because I'm pushing the wrong button.
Got the fancy ukulele finished finally, the new fretboard, the one that fits the 13" string length, seems to finally be in tune. Also I thinned out the soundboard hoping it would sound a bit livelier. Sounds almost like a real ukulele now. Got a bunch of other awful sounding "musical" instruments on the bench. I have no idea why I do this kind of thing.
Or why I feel the need to write about it.
Watched "Barber of Seville" Saturday.
Seattle Opera
Heard Mendelssohn's violin concerto this afternoon.
James Garlik  with the Simphonia Northwest.
Great performance of an exciting hunk of music.
Also Beethoven's fourth symphony.
And some Delius.
Birds ascending and rivers flowing
Got a double barrel Native Indian style flute for Christmas.
Sounds nice.
I'm setting up a sort of studio in my basement so I may be able to record some live stuff.
If I ever manage to play anything all the way through.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!
I'd love to hear your new ukelele
sometime; also the double-barreled Indian flute.

1:35 PM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Back in the grove it seems,
concerts, bike rides, practicing
the clarinet, and perfecting your
hand-made instruments there
in the instrument factory in
your basement. Glad to see
you hitting your stride once

2:39 PM  

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