Thursday, October 07, 2010

Robert Burns

Finally got the video of my last performance. Odd to see somebody in my shirt mumbling and waving his flippers around and talking about some music that sounds a lot like something I wrote. I think I'll edit that part out before I post it.


Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...

Hell, leave yourself in, or at
least post two versions so the
Palmer groupies can pant
at the mere sight of Hisself

Turns out that blogging can
be just overwhelming, and
to keep up on friend's sites
and writing workshops almost
apes work, like a real job.
I love it, but it eats up 3-6
hours of each new retired
day. I begin to more fully
appreciate the Savant crisis
outlined years ago relative to
the short shrift of time alloted
for creativity and honey-dos.

I got a call from my Mac Man
specialist and new friend,
Adrian Sechrist, and he and I
are designing a project that
will consume time like a
piranha with a snout full
of blood. The challenge is
to convert the VHS analog
signal to a crisp new digital
one, and store it on a new
4.0TB hard drive, with the
signal transferred from my
new VCR to an Elgato Eye
TV Hybrid, and onto the
spot in terra bite heaven.
If this works, and it sounds
like it should, in 5 years or
so, I will have re-recorded
a huge section of my thousands
of VHS in my basement, and
be forced to toss the chaff,
to keep the kernels of best
cinema. Are you excited for
me? Damn rights!

Melva took off with a
co-worker this morning
for a workshop down in
Vancouver at the School for
the Blind. She'll return tomorrow
night. I am off to Tacoma
this very evening to host a
screening of Robert Altman's
187 minute opus,

11:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you really that busy,
or just full of bullshit?

..........Eddie Emerald

11:31 AM  
Blogger Glenn Buttkus said...


11:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are legions of us
out here champing at the
bit awaiting the cyber
premiere of the next Palmer
musical video.

................Edgar Allen Poo

11:33 AM  
Anonymous Doug Palmer said...

For those of you who are not monitoring
Doug's Facebook page as well in order
to straddle the balance beam of his
creativity, he wrote last night over
"I'll edit the video later, watching baseball now."


1:50 PM  
Blogger Jannie Funster said...

WHERE? Where is the video??


2:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo Lane (& Glenn)!
This is a video I'd also like to see (and hear!!) when I'm again in Seattle!!

7:21 AM  

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