Sunday, July 26, 2009

A tale of two chambers

After all this chamber music festival activity, we began to tire of all the dead white guy music. Sure it's great and all, but you can get tired of anything.
So we decided yesterday to drive up to Snohomish for an evening of live music in a small room not unlike a chamber to listen to a friend play his tribute to John Denver who if you recall is a dead white guy. But it was a nice evening. The music paints a warm and cheerful outlook on life and the audience consisted of mostly John Denver fans. There was applause after every movement and folks even sang along. Not the sort of thing tolerated at Lakeside.
the last lakeside event featured a fantastic Liszt piano reduction of some of Bellini's music for his opera "I Puritani", a jaunty, quirky Darius Milhaud suite, some Brahms, (a trio for piano, horn and violin and an odd piece by Taneyev.....I hate this, now I've got to go and look up the program, research...phooey... ah yes, a quartet for piano and strings. I kind of tuned out on that one 'cause the first movement was kind of dramatically flat and meandery.
It got better but I got a bit distracted by the tardive nature of the evening and the ever growing distance between the immediate point in time and the decanting from my dreams and bed on awakening in the morning. Getting a bit sleepy, if you know what I mean.
As always, I would appreciate being notified if you do know what I mean, it's always a bit hazy from my personal viewpoint.
Yesterday morning we ate blueberry pancakes.
We are still getting over 54 mpg with the Prius.
I bought a bunch of thin stripe of wood for the mandola neck some basswood and some red oak. I will laminate them alternately to make a striped neck. Also, I ordered a banjo fingerboard and fretwire so I won't have to calculate the spacing of the frets.
I now have seven of the caprices for piano and clarinet and am desperately trying to learn to play some of them on my clarinet with the hope of recording both parts and, through the miracle of digital electronics, combine the two parts into a lame version of these pieces.
The piano bits are easy.
I am also planning on learning how to sing, dance and play piccolo at the same time.
I do now know three different and distinct ways to finger a C# on my old thirty dollar Buffet.
This has been a major revelation in the latter years of my dim glow of creativity.

One of the songs on the John Denver concert was by Chuck Berry, who is not a dead white guy.

Once again, I reach the point where it behooves me to go back and read this over to see if it makes any sense. Of, course, if it makes any sense, it's not what I really have in mind.
So.....publish post.


Blogger Mariana Soffer said...

Good text!
Words make you think a thought.
Music makes you feel a feeling.
A song makes you feel a thought.

12:14 PM  
Blogger butch said...

The commenter above is one who stopped by over on FFTR as well. How nice to pick up a European cyber pal. Her blog site is:
She seems to be a very intelligent, neat , woman, born in 1936 it seems. Check her out.


5:57 PM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

Yeah, I got the link from FFTR

10:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, LaneĀ“, Glenn, Mariana,
Music by "dead white guys" is what most of the concert-goers want; why can't living white guys (as Andrew Lloyd Webber does) write that kind of music rather than dissonant noise??
Hopefully Lane Savant's music (that is more hearable than most cpontemporary music) will become as immortal as that by "dead white guys" like Mozart, Verdi, and Wagner!!
Anonomann (now back home in Deutschland)

2:08 AM  
Blogger butch said...

And what a fine Monday morning
it is, for sure; blue as ice
shadows at high noon,
reflected by my office attire.
The day started hot.
God help us, it will be
a scortcher today. It
was 74 degrees at midnight,
and it is still 66 out there
at 5am. Hey, Man Upstair,
this ain't Arizona. So ease
up already. Even Palmer
will not go out, hydrated
or not, out on his stead,
Fidelio, in this cursed
heat. Whatever happened
to high of in the 70's?
I know, I know, the
global warming, and all
that crap we put into the
ocean, and into the
atmosphere, has come back
to plague us. They say
swine flu will be here
for two more years. Ain't
that a pig bitch?
Teddy Kennedy looks like
death warmed over, rising
from his slab in order to
support Obama's health care
reform. Three cheers for the
old randy bear, the silver
tongued lothario who might
have been President if he
had kept his dick in his
pants, didn't drink so much,
and took a swim in his car.
CNN did a piece on JFK Jr.,
asking folks would he have
ever run for President, and
how this would have changed
the world. What sublime
conjecture. Why not wonder
what would have happened if
Sherman Alexie had been
elected, or Randy Newman?
My TFC indoor annual picnic
went off fairly well, except
WORLD did not improve as a
film just because I had not
seen it for 40 years. The
acoustics are not good in
that old art gallery we
gathered in either, so the
sound had to be turned up
loud and became distorted.
Nice to hear from Anonomann
way over there in Deutschland.
He is closer to Mariana than
we are, enit? I embark on
this, yet another week of
white collar endenturement,
counting the days, weeks,
and months before they give
me my walking, sleeping,
every day is Saturday, seven
day weekend papers.
I am still amazed how generous
Cortney Bledsoe has been with
his poetry and short stories.
I have clicked into his
blog site now, and in my
way, am going back into his
archives, searching for the
odd poem, story, or comment
that I can post. Am I just
a poetry whore or vampire
or just hungry, damned hungry
for the perceptions of others?
Maybe a little of all three.
I certainly do agree that
the music world should get
more tuned into the compositions
of live white guys and gals,
for Lane Savant, Alex Shapiro,
and yes, Jannie Funster, are
extant, growing, nowhere near
their apex, and need to be
listened to.


5:38 AM  

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