Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More Chamber music

Several reasons for my disaffection with Monday.
My throat infection is becoming annoying.
I took Contac and cough drops to make sure that I didn't cough during the concert.
I didn't cough during the trip to the concert and didn't cough at all until we were seated and the lights went down on the recital of the new piece by Christopher Theofanidis.
I managed not to make too much noise and anyway, it was a talk by the composer and excerpts, not a performance.

Then I stopped coughing.

I didn't cough again until the second half of the concert proper when as soon as the performers entered the stage I got the tickle in the throat and could barely manage to keep my mouth shut.


The thing I wonder about is that the second half of the concert was Theofanidis' piece, so I wonder if my cough was not psychologically based.
Deep seated anxiety about composers who get performed, and are probably better than I.
When you're retired, you've got time to think about stuff like that.
Otherwise known as "Too Much Time".
But then again, I've always been neurotic.
And a hypochondriacal whiner.
So I stayed out side after intermission and didn't cough at all.
It was nice listening to the Brahms Quintet al fresco. The speakers were a little heavy on the bass but watching the children doing their gymnastic routines and chasing each other around the trees more than made up for the lack of absolute fidelity and not being in the same room as the musicians.
There were no stars in the sky.
Wonder why?
Anyway, the concert also contained some Ravel blues work. Excellent use of the jazz idiom. My favorite part of the show.

Another part of the Monday downer was due to a book I'm reading.
"Team of Rivals" by Doris Kearns Goodwin.
All about Lincoln and his cabinet.
I had just gotten to the part where the country is being sucked into the maelstrom of that insane, stupid, and useless war.
But they're all insane, stupid and useless, aren't they?
I'm not happy about being reminded of that.

I will miss class today because my voice is still filled with sawdust, but that is a complaint about today, not Monday.

On a lighter note (pun intended) I managed to post a video of myself playing the baritone clarinet rakett.

If you're reading this, you've seen it there on the previous post.

Which brings us by a commodious vicus of recirculation back to the MANDORA project.

Body, unfinished soundboard, and branch of a cherry tree.

If the branch is not rotten or otherwise unfit, I will trim it down and use it for the neck.


Blogger butch said...

You seem to have several more colds and throat irritations
than some of us, yet
perhaps not. Maybe you have
just reported on those
occurances, and they have
all been memorable. Sorry
your cough interrupted your
concert; that can be a bitch.
I do have chronic nasal drip,
and this kicks up a cough
a lot of the time. It can
be interruptive when I am
at meetings and functions.
Got to meet an interim new
neurologist yesterday. He,
reluctantly, agreed to
give me one extra day's
treatment; today in fact--
but what a prick. After 15
years of dealing with my
autoimmune disease, struggling
like a bastard to keep my
head above chaos, this
asshole tells me that 75%
of my consistant symptoms,
all of which have been with
me since day one 1995, are
NOT symptoms of CIDP, things
like asthma, gout, etc
are indictive of a crappy
immune system, BUT are not
related specifically to the
CIDP. I asked him then what
the hell is causing this
shitstorm of discomfort and
pain that the IVIG allows
alleviates? No idea was his
response; prick. In a couple
months when I get the "new"
neurologist, I will have to
start at ground zero I guess,
and endeavor to figure out
what the deuce has been
happening to me for all
these years. Oh joy, a
new barage of expensive and
uncomfortable tests, more
conjecture, more bullshit,
more guessing, more farting
in the dark. I can hardly
wait. On a postive note,
Melva returns tonight and
my most recent phlebitis
is almost healed up.
I came close to choking
down the doctor sombitch.
One must their own advocate
in this morass, this quagmire
of ignorance called Medicine.
The mandora is beginning
to "shape up". Watching the
progress of each instrument
you create from scratch, in
a small way, makes me recall
the cars you built in your
garage, molding the body,
designing the suspension,
forging the pistons, redoing
the U-joints. Course those
projects went on for years
and years, each of them.
Always fascinated me that
you were capable of such
wizardry, but often when
the cars were completed, the
road tests were less than
desirable. Your handmade cars
did not have the luxury of
being constructed in million
dollar shops with high tech
equipment. But hey, they ran,
they started up, most of the
parts meshed. The one you
made for Kristi made it all
the way to California and got
sold to someone before it
broke. You are like this
near mechanical genius on the
cheap engineer, who uses his
abilities to create things
out of scraps, chewing gum,
rubber bands, beer cans,
aluminum foil--a unique
feller for sure, and never
not a source of wonder and
amusement and heart and
rancor, sarcasm, and ascerbic
wit. Now hell, I have only
known you for 50 years.
What do I know?


6:11 AM  
Blogger Jannie Funster said...

That is weird about the stars, where did they go that night.?

4:12 PM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

I only have eyes for you.

9:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!
Your music is far better than that of Theofanidis, but that is not reeally saying much.

2:14 AM  

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