Friday, July 17, 2009


The branch was rotten, I'll actually have to buy wood for the neck.


Blogger butch said...

Are you going to have to
buy some wood for the neck
because you want a certain
kind of wood, or what?
You have a half ton of
wood scraps in your work
shop, right?
Last Friday, before I
took off for my medical
treatment #2 for the week,
my office computer went
apeshit, and was striken
with some kind of a super
Trojan worm. I called in
our Adpac and they had to
remove the computer. I have
yet another one this morning
and over half the functions
I need to do my job are
not set up yet. I will have
to beg others to come and
share their cyber savvy
so that I can connect to
the damned printer, set up
Word documents, and several
other things. If feels
like Monday for blue sure.
Had some quiet down time
over the weekend, watching
my new copies of Liam Neeson
in TAKEN, and the IMAX
film, SPACE STATION. Melva
is actively planning her
next trip this summer, with
her sister to Maine, and
then to New Brunswick, for a week
in early to mid-August. Then
she plans to take a few
days and drive to California
with one of our daughters,
Leslie, to visit with her
relatives near San Francisco.
There is just no holding
that Miss M down, for sure.
We managed to get out and
see the new HARRY POTTER film,
and was a good one, following
the book fairly close. I guess
that leaves only one more
film in the series, to catch
up with all 7 of the Potter
books. The actors are growing
up fast. It is cool that most
of the cast have been
consistent for all the films.
Michael Gambon made a perfect
replacement for Richard Harris
it seems. For the moment,
I seem to back in the saddle
with a semblence of control
over my immediate medical
issues. Three cheers for
me, rising for the thousandth
time from the abyss of pain
and disfunction to a moderate
level of function, which is
momentary, illusionary,
temporary, self-deceiving
probably. I managed to find
a couple more Cortney Bledsoe
poems on Friday night, and
get them posted over on FFTR.
He had linked to FFTR over
on his blogsite, so I
reciprocated. I may have as
many Bledsoe poems now as
I do Bukowski. Such a deal.


6:17 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

I need a piece of clear hardwood 2-1/2" by 2-1/2" by 24". The wood at my local fancy wood stores is only 2" by 2". I found a piece of 4x4 in my stash of junk wood but it is fir and has a few small knots. I'll saw out a blank and see.
I may get some thinner stuff and laminate.
Yes, hurrah, hurrah, hurrah for your ability to remain undaunted by the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune and continue to courageously wield arms against a sea of trouble.

10:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo, Lane!
Best wishes for your continued instrument-creation!!
P.S. The LL and I also send regards to Meredith and Keth

2:11 AM  

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