Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Got the tax stuff.
Sun came out.
The chipper came out.
Put in two hours chipping sticks.



Blogger butch said...

Yes, yes, and yes, this is the way to expedite the blogging, and in so doing create a whole new poetic form; or not. I posted SUN and RAIN over on FFTR, and I added ICE & HAIL to it just for grins.

I am getting better at creating links back to original sources. Maybe I will get my ass in a sling less now. But somehow I think I will still find a way.

Hope your tax refund was astronomical, considering the write off you had for all the repairs on your rental properties, and the deduction for going green when you cleaned out your driveway, and put all the limbs in the chipper, or made violins.

Our lawn is growing like crazy, but it is way too wet for our old mower to tackle. Tsk, tsk.

Tomorrow, said Macbeth, or was it Macduff--I will run off and see the eye doctor and get a final OK on a cataract surgery date, or not. Sometimes when one is monocular essentially, as I am, the doctors are not keen to jump into surgery. But somehow I have to convince them I am keen for the cutting, God have mercy.

Sherman Alexie was doing a Q&A in a poetry journal, and I shot off a question. Hope he picks it to answer in May. No big deal, but it would be my first actual contact with the big guy. Sure, I know, you spent the evening with him when he visited your Book Club, and ended up in THE BUSINESS OF FANCYDANCING, but the rest of us are not so lucky.


7:57 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

We paid 98 bucks to Uncle.
There has been virtually no maintenance on the rentals, other than the psychological one of worrying about late rent.

9:38 AM  

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