Thursday, February 26, 2009


The painful swelling in my ear clears up, the lethargy goes away, and I'm ready and rarin'.
So what does it do?
It snows all over me!

Not too bad though, three inches, once I get down the hill the read will be passable.
So I don't get out of school.

I was hoping to stay home and play with the dog.

But I don't have a dog.

I was hoping to get to the Roosevelt house.
The one with the leak.
I talked to my brother in law and he told me of a great trick to stop a recondite water incursion.
It's a Vee shaped house and most likely it's the overlap at the junction of the two rooves.
A common trouble spot.

Sounds like something that worked on the cracked cieling of the Queen Anne house.
With different (and cheaper) materials.

So, anyway, I spent many hours this week putting together a random selection of bits for the 2 violin concerto.
Sounded great all week untill I recorded it for class last night.

It sounded horrible!!

They always do at this stage.

Sometimes the keep right on sounding horrible.

M just took off with her sister to go to a sewing evfent of some sort.

Gone all day, took the sisters car, so I'm free.

So there you are.


Blogger butch said...

I saw that you had put this on yesterday, but didn't have time to respond, assuming that some other Savantite would beat me here; no way, not today. How about that 100 comments response on your last posting?

We did not quite get an inch of snow in the South Sound, but Shelton got inches, and Yelm, and you, so it must have skipped over us. It was icy as hell on the roads though, and plenty of spin outs and such to keep me entertained. It is nice to know that for you "the read will be passable." Jannie would have loved that typo.

House repairs are still scary deals for us. Our upstairs tub has a leaky faucet. The plumber came yesterday and told us that for 300 clams he could replace it, hoping not to break it while removing the old one. He hopes he doesn't have to tear into the wall to tinker with pipes. So the cost can soar to 500 clams. Or we can put the newer strong faucet and lever on, like we did downstairs, and it will be bulletproof for decades, for 900 clams. We opted for the permanent and expensive fix. Christ, it is just one goddamned thing after another.

Joy Harjo is working on a one woman show in LA, and finally posted some news. I slipped over to Sherman Alexie's site, and he offered up (6) new poems at various other links. I snagged them all for FFTR. I guess he has a new book of poetry coming out in March; will have to pick that up too.

You were "hoping to stay home and play with the dog."....yeah, we all know what that means, and hopefully you still have a "dog" to play with, enit?

How does a composer get any sense of perspective on their compositions? Is it only feedback from others that cements closure?
Anonomann, who is no slouch in the music appreciation and expertise department, loves Doug Palmer music. That should be a sterling endorsement, right?

There you were, "free", with the Prius at your beck and what was the rest of the story?

I have a medical treatment today. It appears that cutting out a whole day, another treatment (I have done two days worth, once a month, for over a decade), is going to work. My energy work with my Bowen practitioner seems to be making the difference, picking up the metaphysical energy slack. Aren't you glad I shared?

Melva is in the mood to see a movie, so hope something good opens up today.


5:53 AM  
Blogger Lane Savant said...

It's the ROAD that's passable.
The house is ELL shaped.
It was the ROOF of the GARAGE that had the crack.
They went to an EVENT, not an EVFENT.

4:25 PM  
Blogger Jannie Funster said...

"I was hoping to stay home and play with the dog.

But I don't have a dog."

I have missed this kind of shenannigans.

And I bet the freaking music sounds great. Remember - keep it as simple as you can. Then underscore the simplicity with layers of whimsied haunt and bone-defying flame.

8:28 AM  

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